Day: May 25, 2012

Now just a minute..

So, there is something that has been on my mind ever since reading this claim from Hush Skins against Curio. Is it real? Is it fake? I don’t know and neither do you. How do you know for sure?

I can say though that ever since entering SL at the end of 2006 Gala Phoenix is a name that I knew. I was familiar with her skins and I wore them. After awhile her store turned into Curio and I followed her there and started to wear those skins too. I’ve been wearing her skins for several years now and I just can’t fathom how these claims could be true or even legit. I have not seen anything yet with her side of the story.

On the far left we have a Curio skin and the other two are from Hush who are at the Skin Addiction Showcase right now and that is where I got these. I wanted to see how they matched up against the Curio. Well the bodies are identical and the tones are different. The Hush Sugar Tone compared to Curio’s Petal is different and so are the faces. Hush’s skin looks like it was attacked with a powder puff and it does not match the scalp part, in fact there is a dent there and a noticeable seam where on the Curio skin it is smooth. Now why would someone go through the trouble of making a body like that and not blending it as seamlessly as Curio does. Why does the Hush skin look like it was pasted on and no one bothered to blend it? Look at the compassion below, am I wrong?

Now please just take this post as something to think about. I just really like Curio skins and have for a long time. I don’t know for sure what happened, I don’t think any of us do but before you (some of you) go attacking Gala Phoenix please think about how you would like to be treated in this situation. Personally I have only just heard of Hush skin and to be honest anyone can make a claim.. but does she have any real proof that this claim is legit?