About Sylvia Olivier

Hi there! I figured it was time to put something back up about myself. My name is Sylvia Olivier and I love Second Life fashion – where it is, where it’s going and where it’s been. There is so much creativity that is inspiring to me here. So much so my inventory is completely out of control with it!

Sometimes I’m asked if I take review copies and the simple answer is yes!

Yes I do.

However I do reserve the right to not blog something that is not in my personal taste. You can always feel free to instant message me in world if you have something that you would like featured. When time allows I tend to do my reviews right away. I will blog just about anything that you can make provided that it is something that I like.

With that being said if you have any questions you can contact me in world or at sylvialovessushi@gmail.com

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