with love hunt

PXL for the With Love Hunt

I was fortunate enough to snag a preview of this beautiful skin from PXL for the upcoming With Love Hunt by Chic Management. This hunt looks to be fabulous, I’m already excited. This skin is from the Gaia line of PXL and starting November 30th you can snag it yourself for only 10L. So excited, can’t wait for this hunt!

I am also wearing the “Morning After” mesh slip by Gizza, shoes by N-Core, brand new hair from Truth called Nyx and these poses are from Hopscotch.


…is a faun

So.. I was one of the one-eleven that in the name of all that is SL spent an obscene amount of money at that magical one-eleven event where yes folks, it took me on and off about five hours to get there and many tries.

Was it worth it? To me yes.

This dress by Whippet and Buck is one of the things that I added to my inventory on friday. It was one of the more reasonably priced items that you could find and the quality of it is exceptional. I really love this dress.

My antlers and ears are from the with love hunt at a store that is new to me called Pera and you can pick them up for only ten lindens and they come with some extra stuff not shown but they are just too cute.

The hoof boots are from a store that was suggested to me by my friend Britta and the store is called Epic. Very very cute stuff to be had there.

So if you are going to wear the antlers, just go faun.

With Love.. Ivalde/Candydoll/Iced

Just a few more of the things that you can get from the With Love Hunt. The dress can be gotten from Ivalde, the skin from CandyDoll and my earrings are from Iced and it also comes with a matching necklace (not worn).

Remember the hunt starts on friday November 26th and each item is only 10L but very well worth it for the amount of great stuff that you can pick up.

The pose stool is from Glitterati, my shoes from N Core and the hair is from Truth. All not a part of the hunt but worth picking up 🙂

With Love.. Djinn and Tonic

The With Love Hunt brought to you by CHIC Management starts on November 26th. The With Love hunt has 100 stores and each item is only ten linden.. but… the item is valued at at least over 400L that you will be getting from each store.

I am showing first the item from Djinn and Tonic. I was very impressed with this one because you get the complete look including hair and those super cute matching shoes. The Pose that I am using is made by LAP who is also in the hunt and has a super sweet pose pack up for grabs.

The skin is not apart of the hunt but new to the Dressing Room this week. It was only 70L and it is the Eva Winter skin by Glam Affair.

In the next days I will be featuring my favorite items from the hunt. Make sure you stay tuned because beginning December 10th there is another fabulous hunt brought to you also by CHIC Management called “Happy Holidays From..” So please stay tuned!