the witch hunt

In Love with a Strict Machine

Marls hates it when I praise her.. but guess how many fucks I give? None.

The newest piece at Vaughans House of Curiosities is brilliant. It in fact inspired my look today. The Automatic viewing lens which is fixed over my eye can be yours for the mere price of 76L!! I’m not really into the steampunk stuff but I love the way the gears move around in it and it is just too cool! If you are looking at my hair with the cute little beret, she made that as well and both can be found at her store here. You can also browse the marketplace here.

The rest of what I am wearing is the Giereh which is currently 75L at the Tropicalia Bazaar. A lace body suit from The Whore Mansion. (yes, that is the actual name of the store) and these completely wonderful thigh high mesh boots from Slink. The Earring, Well I meant to have both on but I sorta look like a pirate now so I’ll keep it.. its from MOOD – it’s the Witches Wonder earring currently in the Witch Hunt for 10L.

Happy Shopping!

The Witch Hunt and Modavia Fashion Week

Lots of new things today! The hair that I am wearing is called “looking” and its a brand new bob hairstyle from Elikatira. I Love it and I recently got my own hair in RL cut sort of similar to this style!

Also the Witch Hunt starts September 15th which is tomorrow and there are the very cute hunt gift earrings called Witches Wonder from MOOD. For more info on the Witch Hunt please go here.

The Dress in the photo above is from The Secret Store by Maylee and it is hot off the runway at the Modavia Fashion week vendor area. There is a nice new collection from the Secret Store and this dress was my favorite. My props and Pose are from Tableau Viviant and my shoes are from Mon Tissu.