The Sea Hole

Remember to Collabor88!


Greetings and Happy Thursday! I am here today to show you some things from Collabor88 and to remind you that you still have time to shop the collection if you have not already. Everything but my shoes (which are from Gos Boutique) you can get at the new round, so what are you waiting for?


My hat and skin are from Glam Affair, My hair is from Clawtooth, My top is from the Sea Hole, my skirt is from Teefy, my jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer, the furniture in the scene is from Trompe Loeil, and my poses are from Marukin. All things you can pick up now at Collabor88 for the rest of this February round.


Dare to bare


Beautiful, perfectly matched, bare feet is what I’ve desired for so long in Second Life, and now with a one time matching system from Gos by Gospel Voom will make this possible for all of us lucky ladies later on today.

If you want to know when you can be one of the first to check out the new items from Gos Boutique, join the in world Gos Boutique group and you will be in the know! This system is so flawless and simple. I can’t wait until everyone gets to check out how brilliant it is. Also there are over 50 fabulous nail polishes and over 250 skins in the grown database!


I am also wearing lingerie from the The Sea Hole, Jewelry from Zaara, Dreads from Boon and feet of course from Gos Boutique! My skin is from Al Vulo for only 70L at the Dressing Room Fusion. The Skybox in the background is from Barnesworth Anubis and the furniture is from Laqroki.

Still time to Collabor88

If you have not been to Collabor88 yet you still have time to pick up some fabulous deals. I am posing above with the Collabor88 offering from Lisp Bazaar which is a steal and comes with many sits and looks very cute.

I am also wearing the hair from Truth.. an entire fat pack of Truth hair for 88L and if that is not a deal then I do not know what is! I am also wearing the offering from The Sea Hole. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff.. so if you still have not been yet.. don’t worry you still have time as a new collection starts on the 8th of each month. But hurry up! Get in there and Collabor88!!

Collabor88 launches on 8/8

This is the first of many posts you will be seeing from me about the Collabor88 project that is officially launching on 8/8. Now some people may be wondering what Collabor88 is, this is a nice explaination:

“Collabor88 is a fashion forward destination, where the most well loved content creators in SL get together to bring shoppers a superb selection of their well crafted merchandise at approachable, low prices. Collabor88 Merchandise is changed & updated each month on the 8th.”

I was honored to be chosen as a blogger for this project. 8 is actually my lucky number and there are some amazing designers behind this project. Don’t believe me look at this list:

Artilleri, Barnesworth Anubis, Boom, Earthstones, Elikatira, Fashionably Dead, Grixdale, Illusory, Ingenue, Lisp Bazaar, Marukin, Nylon Outfitters, Pig, R2 Fashion, Sauce, The Sea Hole, Truth Hair, Whippet & Buck

More importantly if you want to get the dress that I am wearing for FREE from the Sea Hole join the Collabor88 group early and it’s yours in SIX colors. There is a ton of information that you can learn at the official Collabor88 website as well.

The Truth District

I know that I said that I would not be blogging much but I could not pass up the opportunity to check out the brand new Truth District which opens tomorrow brought to you by Truth Hawks of Truth hair.

Looking around, Cory Edo the builder did a great job giving it the feel of a sleepy little seaside town. There were many of the stores that I love and easily accessible in the layout as well as being virtually lag free to me as I walked around and took photos and I did switch viewers three times.

Some of the stores will include: AddiCt, Curio, DCNY, Ducknipple, Earthstones, Erratic, Glitterati, GOS, Grixdale, INDI Designs, Je Suis League, Leezu!, MiaMai, MichaMi, Miel, Mudhoney, Nardcotix, NSD, PXL, The Sea Hole, Trompe Loeil Prefabs, Truth Hair, Whippet & Buck

But best of all!!!! Join the Truth District group and then run over there when it opens and grab some nice gifts as well as some new Truth Hair Releases and a free one is all colors for the opening. The opening gifts will be out until July 5th.

Below are some photos that I took. Do be sure to check it out! The sim will open to the public tomorrow at 9 AM SLT. Here is your SLURL:

For more information, please visit the Website at

Amperlope makes sexy shapes

With the new Rumor sim design many stores did some house cleaning too. One of those stores is Ampersand Artful’s Amperlope shape store.

I love this shape, it’s called Sexy Sadie, Rule breaker and if I was not so attached to my own I would consider switching over. Amperlope has released several new shapes for fall that you should definately go and check out. They are unique shapes that don’t make you look like every other barbie in SL. These shapes have curves in all of the right places. The skin that I used for this is Phoebe 2 by LAQ.

I’m also wearing a brand new dress from The Sea Hole who has opened a stored at the Rumor recently and I am in love with almost every dress that she sells there, seriously. They are flirty fun and cute and the the Calliope dress is the newest and a perfect compliment to Sexy Sadie, Rule Breaker. The Pose used with the snake is from the ever whimsical and lovely Tea Soup of Tea Poses. Also I am featuring a new comer to SL jewelry. The ring that I am wearing is from {rangs} and it sparkles pretty without being bling riden.

That is all get your butts down to the Rumor today and check out the opening festivities and surprises!

A Sneak Peek, Here's The Rumor

Last night the Rumor unvieled a fantastic new sim design open to a select few bloggers, a design so dark and rich that leads the imagination to consider being immersed in a creepy fairytale. Think Tim Burton.

The new sim design brings new stores, and photo opportunites for anyone from the casual shopper to the well seasoned blogger. A listing of the stores are as follows:

Posh, Penned, Slutcookie, Tea, Bounce, Amperlope, Croire, The Rumor Blog HQ’s, Infinite, Butt-er, Rangs, Silenced,[socialANGtz], Nic0 Teen, Sblur, and Drama.

Mustache, La Malvada Mujer, The Sea Hole, Grixdale (formerly Tyranny), So Many Styles, Fable, Acid & Mala, Loulou & Co., Adjunct, Smarmy, Fumé, Boom, Babycakes, It’s Cake, Miseria, TuttiFrutti, Wunder, Razorblade Jacket, Posies, and FJ Design.

It is easy to spend a few hours here walking and around and seeing the all the hidden surprises. My favorite is the sculpture of the nude woman in the water laying next to a raging waterfall cascading down into her bath. My other favorite is the mermaid fountain almost in the center of the little town. I also love the clock tower. Just the general design of the sim really pops out for me.

The word is the offical launch date for the general public is this coming saturday and trust me, you will want to stay tuned for that.

OMG it's so cute!

So there is a sale right now at some of your favorite stores.

It’s the OMG it’s Adorable sale featuring items that are 99L or less.

I have chosen to show you two of my favorite items so far. I have on the Skin from Mynerva called “Cutiepie Dimples” and the Gummies dress from Acid & Mala.

There are over 25 creators in this sale and to find out even more info about it please check MIASNOW’s Blog. Be quick as this sale runs only from September 1st to September 13th. In my tags I have tagged only the participating stores. Hope you find something awesome 🙂

Also these items are not part of the sale I am wearing Hair from Truth, Shoes from Maitreya, Earrings from Mandala and The Tattoo Freckle layer from L.Fauna I also have on a new 50L Sugar Skull tattoo from The Sea Hole.

Republica, Re-opens!

Hello there.  I Just wanted to tell you all about a shop that I think is worthy of checking out.  The shop is called Republica and the designer is named Laurenza Republic and she is just the cutest girl, you almost wanna carry her around in your pocket.  If that were possible! 

Her palette of colors is just lovely and I know a lot of you will be getting if you have not already gotten linden homes.  Her shop has very cute and low prim furniture at a very reasonable price.  Her style is very cute and colorful too.  So if you need a little lift and sunshine in your day do, definitely stop in here.  Oh, she also has a few really nice freebies for your home near the door.  To get them and to visit Miss Republic go here:

The rest of the sim Sweet Cyanide has many other stores for you to explore too.  It is a very attractive shopping area and you will run into unique stores for all of your fashion needs.  They also have a flickr group, you wont see much at first because they are new but here is the url:  This has some more photos of the sim and some of the shops and what they are offering.

The list of stores that you can visit on Sweet Cyanide are as follows:  Republica, Touche, Intrigue Co, Moloko, The Sea Hole, Rebel, Lou lou & Co, Spexx, NUT, Posh, Slutcookie, Vive9, Elate, Young Urban, Sn@tch, Hucci, Body Language, Split Pea, Ducknipple, Butt-err, Chopstix, Shush, La’licious Designs, Duh, Mouth Huggers, and many more!