Sunday’s girl

I felt like making a look of the day so I did what any normal SL person would do.. I went shopping!

First I went to Lelutka and got this new hair called Nook and has a wrap around hair scarf with a ton of color options. Then I found myself at Baiastice buying this skirt I saw a few days ago when I was buying the boots that I’m wearing in this post.. and I thought “hmm, what to wear with this..”

First I tried on the Mesh turtleneck they have but it didn’t work so I put on these two sheer tops from Jane and headed over to Erratic cause I needed to cover up my boobs. I settled on this cropped leather jacket which is bad ass and got the Koi tattoo from them to go under my sheer shirts. My jewelry in this post is from Mandala.

These poses are from Geez by Grazia Horwitz and the eyes that I have on are from Ikon.. they are from the new Eternal eyes and they are fantastic. This shade is called Ice. Hope you are having a great weekend!


I'm still here


A friend asked me the other day if I had stopped blogging.

No Ms. Drin Brewster-Frost, I have not.  You see I’ve just been a bit distracted and a little sad.  My partner box in SL is empty and I no longer “have a ring on it” as pictured.  I wont go into it here but friendships ending, relationships and making hard choices in ones life sometimes lead to reflection.  We all have to do it at some point though. I find it hard to believe that anyone is permanent.

Anyhow, the show goes on, right?  Who knows what else is down the road and what new opportunites come from change.  I can only wish people who are not in my life anymore the very best.  But I’m back and if you missed my posts never fear I have not stopped writing.  That is something in my heart that is not possible.

On to what I am wearing: 

The poses came from DARE poses and they are sooooo much fun.  I adore each one of them and I thank Mister Chance Greatrex for sending them to Marls cause I get to play with them too! 

The Hair in the post above is from the fabulous Clawtooth by Clawtooth who I believe is still having a fabulous fifty percent off sale.  I got a pack of four or five colors for 138l which by the quality of the work is a “steal”.  The lingerie which I love the way it makes my ass look comes from Pacadi Jasha who is have a remarkable sale at the moment but I think its because they are going out of business for awhile which I hope they come back because they seriously make some of the sexiest lingerie.  I’m still rocking the boots from GOS aka Gospel Voom’s store the boots are called Burlesque and they have many different color options I just happen to love black.  Skin is from Dr. Life.  The tattoo is from MiaSnow.