Private Show


It’s that time of year again (almost!). That time of year where we scrape up all of our lindens and go spend them at the Arcade!

My post is featuring items from Birdy’s Cabaret set: To see the pieces go here: http://thearcadesl.com/shopping-guides/december-2016/birdy_1216/

My alt on stage is wearing the corset from the cabaret set as well as hair from Clawtooth http://thearcadesl.com/shopping-guides/december-2016/clawtooth_1216/ and bindings from Sweet Thing http://thearcadesl.com/shopping-guides/december-2016/sweetthing_1216/

I also have some accessories that I’ve used in this post from ANC http://thearcadesl.com/shopping-guides/december-2016/ancltd_1216/ and Random Matter: http://thearcadesl.com/shopping-guides/december-2016/randommatter_1216/

So far I’m enjoying this round and looking forward to making more photos with the items!