Collabor88 takes a Chill Pill


For the month of June, Collabor88 is inspiring us with adaptations of the 90’s. I can clearly remember back in 1994, the year that I graduated High School that I loved anything with Christan Slater in it or Pauly Shore.. in fact Encino Man was our official class movie. It was a fun time and for me just before the internet. It was chill, like this theme – take a chill pill, dude.

Collabor88 also now has a Facebook page that you can like here: and a beautiful brand-spanking new website here:


I was lucky enough to get a few sneak peeks of the items to come like this cute dress from VinCue and these sunglasses (that you can flip up or keep down) and ankh necklace from Yummy.

I was also really impressed by this 90’s entertainment center from Alouette, because I’m pretty sure I had one just like this in my bedroom. It even had tapes, gosh I miss making mix tapes and if you look close you can even see the names of the bands or the titles on the VCR tapes, it’s wonderful.

I am also wearing hair from Tram, skin from Glam Affair and my poses are from Exposeur.


Just as a reminder you only have until the 16th to wrap up all of your hair fair shopping. This particular hair is from kik which is a great deal at only 200L I love how messy it looks and think it works great in photos.

For this post I am wearing the brand spanking new bikini from the Seahole which comes with fabulous accessories such as these sunglasses and handbag and there is even some make up and stuff too! I like the sunglasses because they have zombies in the eye part! The poses in this post are from Adorkable, and in my opinion are ADORABLE!

Definitely, a hot bikini and sold to you in a fun filled array of colors and flavors!