Stumbled my bum unto some sales!

You know, designers are making such cute things lately that I can’t keep up. Stumblebum’s Insanity round that began on May 15th has many cute things and I’m featuring the top and short set from e! and the dresser and picture frames from Cheeky Pea. The stuff is amazing and well the colors are very bright and uplifting.

I’m also wearing brand new hair from Elikatira called Indulge and Belleza’s brand new beautiful skin Lily. My feet are from Slinkthe best mesh feet maker on the grid. My poses are from Purple Poses which you can get for super cheap at this round’s Perfect Wardrobe as well as my crazy cool color change nails from Virtual Insanity.


Stumble for your bum on over..

I am a few days late but I wanted to mention this set from Cheeky Pea that is newly released for this round of Stumblebum that started on my May First. I love this, the Coppola set is color change and has multiple poses and comes with a table with some nice accessories.

The top that I am wearing, I totally love. It is new for Stumblebum as well from Aura. This cute little summer top is the perfect compliment to any casual summer/warm spring day outfit. I am also wearing Capri’s from Apple May Designs. New hair from Wasabi Pills from Culture Shock 2012 opening on May 4th and sandals from Maitreya. My skin is from Glam Affair in Leah.

It’s all likeable

Stumblebum, one of my favorite events that is it’s beginning of April round brings us this really adorable table and chair set from Cheeky Pea.

It comes with several poses in each chair and when you hold down the table top long enough a menu appears and lets you rez things from nail polishes, to tea, plants and computers. It’s really cute and it’s called the “Likeable Set” and is a part of Stumblebum.

I am also wear a brand new hair from Truth this week called Auralee. (Also be sure to check out the Truth District sale where there are many things half off!) The hair comes with an additional mesh piece which I am not wearing but it is very cute.

I also have on a light summery mesh top from Decoy. Maitreya mesh jeans that give you a perfect bum and Maitreya Moxie summer sandals. My skin is Leah from Glam Affair and my nails are the mesh nails from Leverocci.

Hope you are having a fantabulous week!

Ambiton – Mood

Ahh, so recently.. I’ve been experimenting with different skins, hairs.. hair colors and etc. I really like this new skin called Saskia from Al Vulo! The makeup’s in it are really sweet and my only small complaint is that the fair is a bit too dark.

That being said.. as we know Stumblebum has come back better than ever and an old Stumblebum veteran MOOD has come back along with them offering up this fantastic jewelry set of necklace earrings and more color changing stones that you can click.. in a brand new set called Ambition. As always the quality that Jori puts into anything that she makes is outstanding and you should go and check this set out at MOOD.

The hair in this post is from Catwa. The top is from Whippet and Buck. Happy Tuesday.

Stumblebum, Take two!

Happy Sunday! Stumblebum begins again for the second time and I’ve delved a bit into the goodies and what I’ve seen so far is just amazing! We have this Skybox from Honey, I’m home! Which is the cutest textured skybox I’ve seen in awhile and comes with eight different frames. I love love love this skybox it is ADORABLE!!..

We also have these rock star hair brush poses from !Bang which are so very cute. I can totally remember doing this.. running around with brush in hand singing my guts out to some Madonna on many occasion.

These glasses come to us from Intrigue Co. and I feel that they have definite “Star Quality” and of course this dress from Whippet and Buck called “The Talk” in the most beautiful shade of pink helped to complete my Stumblebum ensemble of the day.

I am also wearing hair from Catwa called “Amy-Lee”. Skin from Lara Hurley skins called “Mia” and brand new sexy leather and lace “Aphrodite” boots from Purrfect Ten. Ok bums, get out there and stumble!

Stumblebum Returns!

Stumblebum, comes back bringing us 10 stores plus 1 guest this time and lasts for two weeks instead of one, in turn giving you plenty of time to get exactly what you want! I’m very happy about this as Stumblebum was one of my favorite events last year and I am so glad that it is back!

From January 1st to the 15th you can get exclusive Stumblebum items from Kyoot, Aura, Illusory, Frooti Poses, Toki Doki, Insufferable Dastard, Truth, Cheeky Pea, Haute Mode, and Miao. This rounds special guest is oOo Studios!

In this post I am featuring the Stumblebum Hair from Truth, called Velvet. The brand new top from Kyoot that has a lovely open neckline with matching socks. I am also featuring the eyes from Insufferable Dastard, which by the way I think I have found new favorite eyes! The bag is from the ever lovely Toki Doki and they whole ensemble reminds me of something fun and playful yet sexy at the same time.. but there is a bunch of great stuff for this get out there and look around!

One of the reasons why I love Aoharu

Aoharu has been rocking my world with new realeases.  If you don’t get get these leather jacket/blouse combo then I don’t know what to say.  *giggles*  But seriously.  I love it and think it rocks.  I also am digging this Shag hair that is a part of Stumblebum this week.  I feel slightly european in it.  I dunno what I’m trying to say but you need it.

Anyhow if you are reading this, comment and tell me how you are today even if we have never spoken.  I’m curious.


I got a little off track so this is just a quick little update.  I still have part two of my Amacci Review coming up.  Just been a bit busy. 

Oh, Olive Juice has a pose pack for sale! Two great ones in fact and this is from the “Sitting Pretty” Pose back they are part of Super Saturday Bargains or something like that, VERY cute poses for only 60L in a pack.  They are great!

I fucking love League.  This new release is no exception.  I got the new pants from the main store and the tank top (which is also league) from the wonderful place called the dressing room.  If you haven’t gone to the dressing room, look it up sometime.  It’s great.

The hair is Ploom’s Stumblebum item this week.  Five different shades (I think) plus nice hair PLUS only 100L = win!  The photo was taken there too.  Shoes are old and from So Real.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Outta Your League

Ahh, League I love your newest release of Taylor. I’ve only gotten the Twilight tone so far but I see more tones in the future. My favorite part of this skin is the lips. I also like the over all tone and the cute little bottom. They are gorgeous skins and you will want more than one.

Dark Mouse has two new jewelry releases this weekend the one that I am wearing above is the Fossilized Set in Silver. Dark Mouse, You are winning me over this set is very pretty and also comes in gold and copper tones. I will have fun seeing what I can do with these pieces in future posts. They are very detailed and well done. The other set is called Embrace of Flowers and can be seen here.

The Poses are all from Olive Juice, I heart you Olive Juice you are also one of my favorite poses places.

The hair is from Lamb, its part of a Stumblebum pack and you can get Witch In Ink as shown along with Breeze in Powder for only 150l which is an awesome deal.