An Experiment

I went to Mother Goose today to check out the newer skins.. and up at the top near the lucky boards.. which by the way it’s pretty easy just to go in and snag a skin.. there was this skin called Lene.

I did not like how it went with my shape so I took one of the shapes from the shape library and began tweaking and playing around and I came up with a shape that I found acceptable to wear with the skin. The first time that I’ve ever really done that and it was rather fun.

So, if you want this shape for your own.. I will send it to the first five of you that comment here to try out to see if there is any interest when I am done tweaking it (probably by tomorrow).

I’ve thought here and there about trying to make shapes to sell.. and if you would like this one I will send it you as a gift if you are one of the first five. Only catch is.. is that you tell me what you like and don’t like about it.

I am also wearing a layer of freckles in this post from L.Fauna. The FREE and awesome Lene skin from the Mother Goose Lucky board. New hair from Truth and the bikini is an old one from Reek. My eyes are from Insufferable Dastard.