raw house

My Seasons Hunt House..

The Seasons Hunt lasts for nine more days. Most of the stuff that I have in this post is from the Seasons Hunt.. but if you look at my necklace.. I want to point that out before I go on.. it is not in the Seaons Hunt but it is new from the wonderful store Kari (who is in the Seaons Hunt) and it is called the Hoot necklace. I love owls.. so this very much called to me.. and you can change the color of the eyes!

The Dress by Addict – I didn’t take off for days because I loved it so much.. is yours free in the Seasons Hunt.. as is the hair from Raw House.. which I need a fat pack of because I love this angled bob. My tights.. are from a store called Le Poppycock.. but actually given to me from a friend. The boots are not free but are the new mesh boots from Mon Tissu.

I grabbed up the items in the hunt from Kari, Art Dummy, Y’s House, Tokidoki, Vespertine Nordari and Lisp and of course the fantastic house from L2 which I cannot believe was for free. I’m sad that this will be the last Seasons Hunt as the gifts were always amazing. Seraphim SL photo’d everything.. and this post is worth checking out.

Wearing what I wanna

Hey there, good morning. I wanted to take a photo showcasing this hair before I show you the rest of what I am wearing. I really love this new to me hair from Raw House called Trilby. I like Raw House they have many nice and punky sorta styles.

Most of the rest of what I’m wearing is from Leezu. I love love love these new shorts that just came out. They fit perfectly and I might just have to go back and get more colors and patterns because there are many. This jacket is also from Leezu. It’s not a new release but I fell in love with this jacket and paired it with these new shorts. My shoes are from Mon Tissu. My skin is Curio – Lustre in Posey and the Pose that I’m using is from Glitterati.