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Good Morning, Beautiful..

I wanted to do the Lingerie Challenge issued by Gogo but lets face it… I don’t have the attention span to make 12 consecutive posts wearing a certain thing.. we saw how far I got on the color challenge, right? But if you are dedicated to blog challenges I do believe that this is a good one.

My magically delicious Spence made this pose that I am using.. he calls it “Sweet Little Thing” and it is a very cute pose and inspired my set/wardrobe choice for these two photos.

I am wearing the newest lingerie set from Insolence and the bum in these panties is lovely. I’m also wearing new shoes from Purrfect Ten. The hair is from Shag as a part of Project Themeory which has finally returned!!! Most of the Furniture is no longer available form M.Fox but the Chaise that I am on you can get at Kusshon and the Dressing Screen is from What Next. Oh the skin! The skin that I am wearing you can get at the Dressing Room Blue… from Atomic for only 70L… hurry and go grab it!


Beauty is in the details

I debated about this dress from Malt that is at Modavia – back and forth for a few days now. I don’t always have the best of luck with prim skirts and I was a bit intimidated with how the fit might be. I finally bit the bullet today and bought it and to my surprise I really loved it. It also comes with a re sizable skirt.

I’m not always big on accessories but but I love the detailing of the belt that came with the dress and I absolutely adore the ::MOOD:: Parade Pearl Statement Ring in Frost. I am a huge fan of Jori Watler’s Pearls and this ring is available for one more day as a part of Project Themeory’s Weekend of Vintage Film. It is the perfect compliment and a beautiful detail to this outfit. The necklace and earrings that I am wearing are a part of the Parade pearl set from MOOD.

The poses that I am using are from !bang and there is a special on the marketplace right now for the first I believe 20 or so people to score half off on each pack and it is priced at an awesome deal. 100L for ten poses. Here and here. My hair is from Lelutka in Biggest. Happy Sunday!

The Seahole for Project Themeory

Really love the dress from the Seahole this week for project themeory. I got the socks that I am wearing from there too. The hair was a group gift FATPACK from Vive 9.. how amazing is that? The skin that I have been wearing lately is from Belleza which I didn’t know if I would like at first but I’m really loving the Aiko skin. My eyes are from Fashism. I’m sort of in love with the eyes there. I don’t really have much to say today so please enjoy your weekend.

MOOD is in Project Themeory!

The theme this weekend for Project Themeory is the Game Edition weekend. The choker that I am wearing is Final Fantasy themed and called “Summon”. The chokers are unisex and come in both male and female versions.

The earrings that I am wearing are from mood as well and have a fun pac-man theme and are available this weekend as well for project themeory. These are very fun and I loved Pac Man as a kid.

Both are available this weekend at the MOOD Mainstore.

I also have on a brand new skin from curio called Chic in “Mode”. I am also wearing Fashism eyes.

Project Themeory Finds

Yay for Project Themeory. My two favorite finds this week were the RCBG top but I could not get the prim on the bottom to work so I took it off and paired it with these pants I had in my inventory from Cheerno. The Jewelry set is bold and green and of course makes a statement which was the theme this week is from MOOD.

I’m wearing Hair from Boon, Skin from PXL (Go grab yours at the skin fair if you can get in) and boots are from GOS. This lovely Rack with poses is from Glitterati and has ten poses in it.

[ PXL ] Skin – Linda Generation 3

On Sunday Febuary 13th Hart Larrson will release Linda Generation 3 in four tones in 4 tones (Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Tan) and then on Febuary 20th for the skin fair he will Release the Pale and Dark Tones. This new release replaces the Generation two skin which is for sale at a special price right now.

Each skin comes with a light and dark hair base, and the option of cleavage and also a freckle layer and Eyebrow Base. There are 15 Lipsticks to choose from and there is a pack of 15 eye makeups for each skin and the choices are lovely. I’m wearing them in my photos. I love the tons of options of creating my own unique look!

The things that I love about this skin are the lips.. they look so natural and realistic. I love the detail in them. I love the overall cashmere smoothness of the skin. I love the breasts and nipples.. each detail is very delicate and lovely. Truly a long awaited addition to the SL world of skin. This is hands down my favorite [ PXL ] Creations skin ever. If you are wondering how the skin will look on you and you are a Female VIP member Hart has graciously set up a demo area if you are wondering. There is a special VIP panel in the store where when you put on your group tag you can teleport up to try the skins.

I think the skin is really great, so go try it out tell your friends and what not. DEMO DEMO DEMO!

The Hair worn is this post is from Elikatira. The Panties are Pididdles Project themeory item and are 75L a pack and you can gift them to friends for valentines day!!! All the Poses in this post are from Olive Juice!


Not much to say except for I’m loving this new hair by truth released yesterday called Aiyana.  It comes with two different options to change the colors of the feathers and get this.. it also comes with face paint.  It’s pretty cool!

The skin that I am wearing I purchased new from Laqroki yesterday.. it’s the Milky tone/Phoebe 2.. it seems a bit different from the other skins but one thing that irks me about Laq skin on some of them and I see it here is the slight yellowish overcast that I notice.  Do you see it too?   Maybe it’s just me but I see a yellow cast in the Milky and Fair tones sometimes.

Also, yes those are prim feet on me.  I know shocking, right?  These are from Slink and they are not terrible.  I’ve had them in my inventory for awhile and yes am wearing them now.  The outfit is from League from a project themeory from weeks ago, I just thought it fitting with the hair.

Happy Friday.

Don't come 'round here no more..

To me, project themeory this week is especially awesome. Yes, I want a tea party. Yes, Please and Thank you.

Dress from Exodi. Cushion from Tweedle which is soooo totally cute. Pose from Slash Me Poses (Which is next to the Boon Item). Stripey Socks from League

And I’m wearing the Breeze hair from Lamb via Stumblebum and the League Taylor skin.

She blinded me.. with Science!



This look from mijn.t aka Mijn Seoung who also has a new main store location that looks fabulous.. you can visit it here:  

The project is Themeory and I’m in love.  Basically what it is “Project Themeory is a weekend event based on theme theories.  Brought to you by Plastic Swords and Kyrsten Jigsaw.  Every weekend a group of designers will make items following a chosen theme. These items will be available for 75L during the event.  There is a group in world that you can join giving out the lists <3themeory I think it is spelled.  If not I’m in look up my profile and join join join!  You still have sunday to check out the other fabulous designers doing this, this weekend. 

This week event is Geek Chic and I love the way that Mijn did hers this week with the 3D inspired outfit as it reminds me of all those cheese movies I watched as a kid.  In fact I wanna go watch Wierd Science right now!  The outfit comes with the dress and the fuck 3d glasses. 

The designers this week are: 




Soap Co. – 


Made by moo – 


don’t freak out! – 

Action – 

Molto Bene! 


mijn. t 


Young Urban – 

“So, what would you little maniacs like to do first”. 

What I’m wearing:  Pose by Glitterati.  Hair from Lamb’s Fifty Linden Friday this past friday.  Boots: the Burlesque boots from Gos.  Leggings are Anya Ohmai and they were freebies and my outfit of course is from mijn.t.  Skin from Curio.