project fur

Baiastice Nina Dress @ Project Fur

As I’m sure you can tell right now many designers have come together at Project FUR and one of them.. one of my personal favorties actually Baiastice steps up to the plate in this lovely Nina dress in Pearl.. with of course 100 percent of the proceeds going to charity. I love the underskirt of this dress with the little flair of lace, very well done.

The shoes on my feet are from Purrfect 10 and again I really like these shoes.. Also my pose in this photo is from Olive Juice.

Curio Skin @ Project FUR

Curio Skin in Pout is at Project FUR, yes that is correct you can get an entire fat pack in all tones of the pout skin for 1500L and all of the proceeds go to charity. Each individual make up is only 500L and the one that I am wearing is a special edition skin skin just for Project FUR of pout and it comes in all tones and with optional paw print tattoos for only 500L Can you find a better deal than that?

Also just a note about my pose… thank you for making this Glitterati… I’ve been wanting a pose like this for so long.. and you can get it at the pose fair that is going on now! If you click on the photo.. check out these shoes they are new from Purrfect Ten and they are so easy to adjust your skin tone to.

Kittycats @ Project FUR

Project FUR Japan opens today at 9 PM SLT and as you know 100 percent of all proceeds go to help animals in need. I had one of the most squee giving moments in my whole SL yesterday. I am going to sound like an uber dork but I don’t care. Also because I didn’t want the photos huge size.. you can click on them to make them bigger.

I was hanging out on the Project FUR sim last night trying to get a few more photos and Callie Cline of Kittycats came back to finish setting up her booth as I was taking a few photos. Basically I wanted to take a picture with her but was sorta shy about asking, but she offered to take one with me and set up this cute background with the Kittycats. Needless to say I was pretty much fan-girling and excited.

So not only did I get to pose with Miss Callie Cline I was also able to get two of the new kitties that are coming out with Project FUR today. I was lucky enough to get a boy and a girl too!

They are the kittycats with the red accents called hope and 100 percent of the sale of them goes to help the animals of Japan. Also there will be one sold at the main store with gold accents going to help humans in another charity, though I am not sure as to which. The new cats come with some pretty amazing traits like “Porcelian shade” just to name one off the top of my head. The people from Ozimals for the bunny fans out there have set up a special sort of bunny as well.

So if you are obsessed with kittycats as much as I am this is most definately the place for you today. I have to say that I am awe with Callie Cline for coming out with such lovely kitties and in awe of her generous spirit. People like her give me hope for the rest of us. For all things Project FUR please go check out this blog:

Oh, and again just like the last post everything that I have on is from Project FUR except for my boots. This is one occasion where it’s ok to max out your credit card! 🙂