Pididdle – Satin Lingerie

Pididdle has released a new set of gorgeous satin lingerie that comes in just about every color you could ever wish for but I’ve only shown the baby blue and the silver, but go take a look because they are all gorgeous. Also the lingerie has an option to show a little “peep” in the back as show on the silver pair. I think it is very cute 🙂

I’m also wearing boots from GOS, the new Linnea skin from LAQ, and hair from Truth.

[ PXL ] Skin – Linda Generation 3

On Sunday Febuary 13th Hart Larrson will release Linda Generation 3 in four tones in 4 tones (Natural, Sunkissed, LightTan and Tan) and then on Febuary 20th for the skin fair he will Release the Pale and Dark Tones. This new release replaces the Generation two skin which is for sale at a special price right now.

Each skin comes with a light and dark hair base, and the option of cleavage and also a freckle layer and Eyebrow Base. There are 15 Lipsticks to choose from and there is a pack of 15 eye makeups for each skin and the choices are lovely. I’m wearing them in my photos. I love the tons of options of creating my own unique look!

The things that I love about this skin are the lips.. they look so natural and realistic. I love the detail in them. I love the overall cashmere smoothness of the skin. I love the breasts and nipples.. each detail is very delicate and lovely. Truly a long awaited addition to the SL world of skin. This is hands down my favorite [ PXL ] Creations skin ever. If you are wondering how the skin will look on you and you are a Female VIP member Hart has graciously set up a demo area if you are wondering. There is a special VIP panel in the store where when you put on your group tag you can teleport up to try the skins.

I think the skin is really great, so go try it out tell your friends and what not. DEMO DEMO DEMO!

The Hair worn is this post is from Elikatira. The Panties are Pididdles Project themeory item and are 75L a pack and you can gift them to friends for valentines day!!! All the Poses in this post are from Olive Juice!

Dutchie's Brand New Adult Beds

Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie furniture has created one of the nicest animated beds that I’ve seen in a long time. I deeply admire good animations in SL because in my opinion they make the Second Life expierence so much more attractive. I mean I can remember way back when I was a noob and I was like “whats an AO?” but now today of course I could not imagine going somewhere without mine.. it’s like a way to express your identity and set you apart so you don’t you know.. walk like a duck.

When it comes to SL Romance you definately don’t want to be stuck looking silly, I mean speaking for myself when it’s time for that sorta thing *wink wink nudge nudge* I want a bed that has tons of animations, is stylish and fun to use.. and keeps the spirit of romance alive with ample options.

Want the specifics go here.

Now granted, I didn’t have anyone to model the bed with me so I am showing some of my favorite animations in this post for the single girl. For photographers and bloggers out there the animations for me required little to no adjustment. Ths bed would work well for anyone that is in the market for a new bed. The quality is exquisite.

Froukje Hoorenbeek certainly did pick out the most beautiful and detailed animations that anyone from the clueless noob to the seasoned second life expert.

The menu is easy to navigate. It starts off with solo animations gradually moving to friends.. to soft and sweet cuddles deeping into long passionate kisses and then upon reaching the height of your mmm experience.. you are swept into a whirlwind of clicking options… so do what you want, but make sure you are doing it on a Dutchie bed.

(I am wearing new lingerie from baiastice, truth hair, slink feet, and princess rehab lipgloss from pididdle on an illusory skin)

Be a Hucci

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve visited Hucci and I picked up a few things yesterday because I was very impressed with the new stuff that I’ve been seeing from them. Lots of cute dresses with fun bright colors.. of course I don’t wear alot of color but I thought this outfit is very sexy and well done.

I paired my new outfit with some new hair from Exile, new nails and rings from Mandala on the tip of a friend. Shoes are from Gos. Necklace from Rozoregalia, skin from Illusory (who has a new group skin gift out that you are silly if you don’t pay the 300L to join the group to practically steal) and I’m wearing a new lipstick from Pididdle from the newly opened Kozmetika which is a fantastic store.. think sephora for avatars! Kozmetika is also having a contest.. read about it here.