olive juice poses

Culture Shock Preview!

So I walked around Culture Shock yesterday and a few things really caught my eye. I love the skins from Pink Fuel which I am wearing the Candied one and come on its only 500L and half of it goes to charity. It’s an AWESOME skin. I also have on a dress from one of my favorite stores that is at Culture shock.. it is the Secret Store and I think that everything thing Maylee Oh makes is wonderful. This dress is adorable and even comes with a butt alpha layer.

I’m wearing these pretty nails from je suis which you pick the base color and then… it’s cool because you can pick what color hearts go on your nails! They are really nice.

The shoes are from [ m ] and they are woo-den heels and to be honest I had to play with these for a long time to get them to fit and if you are going to wear these you must make sure that your rendervolumelod factor is bumped up in the advanced menu debug settings otherwise they will not look as nice. make sure you demo these shoes before you buy them.

Culture Shock looks to be a very exciting event and I will have more great finds to show you!

Call me!

Soooo… have you been to Pose fair yet? I’m not sure when it ends to be honest but I picked up this adorable and affordable set of poses by Olive Juice called “Call me”. There are several different poses in the pack and you can either wear or rez them which makes this pose prop ultra user friendly and idiot proof.

I also picked up this adorable outfit today from Ingenue. I love how flattering it is to my shape and it’s just so damn adorable. The hair is a newer hair from Elikatira and these shoes are from Kalnins.

In the background are my favorite store and fridge from the Loft and my little Nodari skybox. Are you ready for the weekend yet?

New @ Dressing Room Blue

A few things caught my attention at Dressing Room Blue today just as they opened for a new two week round. This dress from the ever amazing Baistice which you could totally dress up or down.. and this cute hair with the flowers in it from Exile.

Don’t know why but I liked it with some pink doc martens from Gos, torn up fishnets from blowpop and the same Linnea skin that I’ve been wearing this week. But this week at Dressing Room Blue there are many great finds, no fooling.