mesh furniture in second life

Mudhoney and Lark at the Home show


Happy Saturday everyone!

I set up a new garden area in the back yard of my SL home from stuff that I saw at the Home Show! The Home Show is only five days in and will be going on all month so make sure you get over there and check out all the things!

I used the sets from Mudhoney and Lark both of those you can see in person by going here:

The trees, flowers and grass are from Happy Mood and Alirium (not found at the Home Show)








Apple Fall & Scarlet Creative at Collabor88


I finally got my bedroom shaped up how I wanted it and wanted to show this very pretty bedroom set from Apple Fall and Scarlet Creative (who did the Wardrobe and Stool) which you can still get at Collabor88 for about another week or so.

The bed is beautiful and I love the soft look of the covers, the dresser and night stands to the dream sign over the bed and doll house complete with the botanical pics are just perfect to me. I love these pieces that really make your Second Life Home complete.

I also used things in the photos not at Collabor88 from Trompe Loeli, Tres Blah gacha vanity stuff, and emm shop (the little craft cabinets are new and adorable) I hope you like my bedroom!





Floorplan @ Collabor88


So, you know with all the other events going on right now.. it would be an excellent time to go and check out Collabor88 before the soon to be fantastic August Birthday round starts!

I wanted to do a few posts before the June rounded ended highlighting one of my favorite parts about Collabor88 – the furniture. Floorplan always amazes me with the sets that they have and this one (the Midsummer Retreat) in particular looks amazing on my land.

Nice and breezy and perfect for summer daydreams.







Cheeky Pea at the Home Show!


Cheeky Pea has made some beautiful new furniture releases for the Home Show which is finally opened now! I’ve been showing teasers for a few days now but you can actually go check out these shiny new things here:


The neat thing about the chairs and couch is that you can tint them any color your heart desires, there is even a card letting you know how! I like this furniture a lot and it also has really cute sits and comes in either pg or adult. If you don’t know what the Home Show is you can check out the blog here:

Dysfunctional Dolly Designs @ The Fantasy Fair


Dysfunctional Dolly Designs is a new to me store that I found out about from the Fantasy Fair. The booth that they have at the Fantasy Fair on Dragonspire can be gotten to through this link: If you would like to check out this beautiful low prim mesh bathing set.

The Fantasy Fair opens it’s doors at 6 AM and that is in a couple hours from writing this post.


The items in this set from Dysfunctional Dolly Designs are quite cute and also inexpensive and the tub comes with a good variety of animations and you can also try out changing the texture a bit on the feet of it. The Antler candelabra in the photo is one of their Relay for Life contributions and it is quite cool. When I was taking the photos for this post I we pretending that I was staying in a quaint country inn. It’s fun what the imagination can do.


.lame furniture (but not really) & gacha madness!

Yesterday I was talking to an old friend who has started up his furniture business back up in SL. It’s really worth a look because this couch that I’m featuring is only 8 prims and 199L and it’s so freaking cute. The tea couch from .lame furniture can be found in world or here on the market place. It’s a fun and brightly colored couch that goes well with the madness of my gacha items that I’m about to show you. The table showcasing the lovely vintage head form Nylon Outfitters can also be found at .lame.

I also want to mention that the skybox that I am using for this post can be found at this month’s Collabor88 from floorplan.

Most of the furniture used such as the futon, the chairs table and birds painting, couch and tables are from .lame furniture. Most stuff is mesh and low prim, and even the sculpt stuff is low prim. All the fun accessories and stuff are from the Arcade Gacha and I’ve tried to list all the ones that I’ve used in the tags but if you have a particular question about something feel free to IM me in world!