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The Witch Hunt and Modavia Fashion Week

Lots of new things today! The hair that I am wearing is called “looking” and its a brand new bob hairstyle from Elikatira. I Love it and I recently got my own hair in RL cut sort of similar to this style!

Also the Witch Hunt starts September 15th which is tomorrow and there are the very cute hunt gift earrings called Witches Wonder from MOOD. For more info on the Witch Hunt please go here.

The Dress in the photo above is from The Secret Store by Maylee and it is hot off the runway at the Modavia Fashion week vendor area. There is a nice new collection from the Secret Store and this dress was my favorite. My props and Pose are from Tableau Viviant and my shoes are from Mon Tissu.

Culture Shock Preview!

So I walked around Culture Shock yesterday and a few things really caught my eye. I love the skins from Pink Fuel which I am wearing the Candied one and come on its only 500L and half of it goes to charity. It’s an AWESOME skin. I also have on a dress from one of my favorite stores that is at Culture shock.. it is the Secret Store and I think that everything thing Maylee Oh makes is wonderful. This dress is adorable and even comes with a butt alpha layer.

I’m wearing these pretty nails from je suis which you pick the base color and then… it’s cool because you can pick what color hearts go on your nails! They are really nice.

The shoes are from [ m ] and they are woo-den heels and to be honest I had to play with these for a long time to get them to fit and if you are going to wear these you must make sure that your rendervolumelod factor is bumped up in the advanced menu debug settings otherwise they will not look as nice. make sure you demo these shoes before you buy them.

Culture Shock looks to be a very exciting event and I will have more great finds to show you!

Secret Store

Dear Maylee Oh,

I love the way you made this chiffon skirt, but now I have to go get the rest. In fact I pretty much like everything that you make, I have on your bow-lero jacket, and your black boots that were I think a lazy sunday item a few weeks ago.

You make lovely clothing, please don’t stop.
Your fan girl, Sylvia.

Hehe. Anyhow fan-girling aside, the secret store is so cool.

I am posing with a pose from glitterati, inside the mint apartment by nodari which has these lovely lights in it that work well with wind light in my opinion. Also, I have on some garter tights from league and hair from truth. The skin that I am wearing is skin number 18 from Belleza. The tank underneath is free from Jane.

Fashionable Bald (A challenge within a challenge)

One of my SL Resolutions is to do more of the color weeks from Luna Jubilee’s Color Challenge.. 52 weeks of color – This week is silver. I’m sure that you’ve all heard of it by now. It is a great challenge and Luna Jubilee really seems like a sweetie.

One thing that you might notice for this post is that my avatar is bald.

She is bald for a reason this week because one of the sweetest and most stylish women that I know may be soon sporting a bald look from getting Chemo this year.

Miss Shellbee requested for me to do a post showing a fashionable bald. She also wants you out there to know out in blog world that early detection is key and to make sure that you get those checkups.

I would love it if anyone who should happen to read this blogger or not do at least one post or look with a fashionable bald avatar for Miss Shellbee. I would be grateful if you posted the link here so that she could see them all if you should happen to join me in this. I love you Miss Shellbee. ❤

My outfit is sorta mix and match.. I've got a Silver Maitreya skirt on, a corset from the wonderful Secret Store by Maylee Oh. Maitreya shoes and lots of pretty bangles from Mandala. My skin is the new one from Illusory and the bald base is the Ava Bald base from Lelutka.