lucie bluebird

The Theme Park – Reposted

Lucie Bluebird of Embody which sells shapes and poses in Second Life invited me to preview a new venture she was starting in front of her store. It is called the Theme Park and is made of several sign boards with items from different stores from several Second Life Designers.

The Theme Park will run two themed sales events each month, starting on the 1st and the 15th. For each edition, every participating creator will have at least one item that’s priced at L$150 or less AND is at least 50% off the regular price.

The atmosphere is nice and cozy overlooking the sea. There are autumn trees and several benches. Even a hot dog stand and the sounds of as if you were shopping near the shore. I picked up this cute Orange two piece from Elymodes’ booth for free! I also bought a few of the make up items that she had for sale turning me into a sort of Zombie roller girl. I am also using the poses that Embody had put out in my photos.

I had fun in my skates stopping to take a few photos. I even stopped to say hi to Lucie who was very kind and welcoming to a Zombie roller girl like myself. The Theme Park is a cute, small lag free place to shop. But please note that the park is closed for 12 hours on the 14th and last days of each month to prepare for the new edition.