An Extraordinary Machine..

I thought much of the song by Fiona Apple today while putting together some things I snagged from the Vintage Fair Blogger preview. The theme of course is Vintage but no where does it say which Vintage it is, so I believe that it is up to your own interpretation of what Vintage you are looking for.

The shoes that I am wearing while not at the Fair are gorgeous and a brand new release from SLink that to me definitely capture the spirit of Vintage.

Everything else that I am wearing or posing with comes from the Vintage Fair. The La Malvada Mujer Tattoo in So Long Marianne. The hair from Loq called “Red Wine”… the flawless skirt that I have so much love for by Ingenue who really shines at this event called “Lana”. The gorgeously vintage Curio skin called Vintage Ritz and a new to me jewelry store called Amorous bringing the Antiquarian set to the fair in Midnight.

The poses on the chaise is from MiaMai who really wowed me with this Victorian posing room. You must see this in world because the textures are beautiful. My standing poses in this post are from OooStudios.. who have put out some absolutely gorgeous vintage poses.

There was a whole lot of creativity put into the event by the designers and I can say with confidence that there is something for everyone. You can visit the Fair yourself tomorrow November 11th, but it does not open till 4PM SLT.

A perfectly padded cell.. with a shiner.

It started with this shiner that I have on my face. My lovely Marls of Vaughan’s House of Curiosities.. made this yesterday and will be releasing it soon and I love it. Marls made the Shiner as a tattoo layer and it even comes with hemorrhage attachments.. My first time ever with a black eye in SL! I want to start an all girls fight club now.

The padded cell was only 10L and from Adorkable as part of the Platinum Hunt which starts today. Every since I first saw the previews of this on plurk.. I’ve wanted it. Who doesn’t want the comfort of a padded cell sometimes?

The idea for this outfit came from shopping with a friend yesterday. She showed me this store LPD.. La Petite Details I believe and I sorta fell in love. The clothing here is so cute! It made me want to play dress up so I did.. I put on this fab. jewelry from Mandala and stalked the Dressing Room this morning and saw this very pale Amelie skin from Glam Affair and paired it with some tights from erratic and some shoes from Pixel Mode.. The Baby T shoes are my staple high heels for most things.

Fabulous Sunglasses

Heya! So I’m here to say that sometimes the glasses can start an outfit. I was talking with “Stylist to the stars” Vaki yesterday of the blog “Insert Funny Name Here” and basically she teleported me to Muism where lived the most perfectly fantastic sunglasses every created in SL. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but these sunglasses are truly awesome.

So I began messing around with outfits and found my massive collection of Leezu folders and put on these pants.. and then some time later this jacket.. and then Vaki found the perfect green bra (cause I don’t normally buy fun colors.. in bras and such) at Pixel Dolls where all the lingerie is criminally cheap. Before I knew it I was looking fabulous.. so I went over to Voc.Linda in second life and found some lovely scenery and snapped this photo.

This morning I also messed around with another color of the Muism glasses and Leezu clothing and these terrific Pixel Mode shoes which you can still get at the Shoe Fair.. which if you are going to the Shoe Fair.. go soon I went today again and there was NOOOO lag.. and came up with the look below:

Addict has fabulous new releases!

Sometimes a designer makes a grand new release and my jaw just drops in amazement. This is no exception. The new release from Kianna Noel of Addict this week has a little bit of sass matched with class mixed with a fresh new style of sophistication.

In this new release you can expect to find a brand new sweater named zo-han, aradia jumper, nora shorts, a very sexy dress called ziomara and two brand new scarves – one is called minnu and one is called thora! I am wearing the new releases in these photos mixed with a few items that I already own.

I am also wearing the brand new hair from Loq that is also impressing the hell out of me lately and the brand new released Lotus Pumps from Baiastice and I have on a newer bracelette from alamood called the sorella cuff. I really love it. The pants that I am wearing in the one picture with the Aradia jumper are from Armindi and about a year or more old, but I still really like them.

Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Go shopping!

Dressing Room Blue & New

I found some cool and cheap things at the Dressing Room Blue today and I am also loving this new pose prop by Glitterati, the light box has ten poses and I really like the way that it is textured. It makes taking photos very easy.

Skin: Mons. Hair: Loq.
Dress: Teefy. Earrings: Glow Studio.
= All at the Dressing Room Blue.

NEW Lotus Heels from Baiastice.

Light Box Poses from Glitterati.