Fabulous Sunglasses

Heya! So I’m here to say that sometimes the glasses can start an outfit. I was talking with “Stylist to the stars” Vaki yesterday of the blog “Insert Funny Name Here” and basically she teleported me to Muism where lived the most perfectly fantastic sunglasses every created in SL. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but these sunglasses are truly awesome.

So I began messing around with outfits and found my massive collection of Leezu folders and put on these pants.. and then some time later this jacket.. and then Vaki found the perfect green bra (cause I don’t normally buy fun colors.. in bras and such) at Pixel Dolls where all the lingerie is criminally cheap. Before I knew it I was looking fabulous.. so I went over to Voc.Linda in second life and found some lovely scenery and snapped this photo.

This morning I also messed around with another color of the Muism glasses and Leezu clothing and these terrific Pixel Mode shoes which you can still get at the Shoe Fair.. which if you are going to the Shoe Fair.. go soon I went today again and there was NOOOO lag.. and came up with the look below:

Wearing what I wanna

Hey there, good morning. I wanted to take a photo showcasing this hair before I show you the rest of what I am wearing. I really love this new to me hair from Raw House called Trilby. I like Raw House they have many nice and punky sorta styles.

Most of the rest of what I’m wearing is from Leezu. I love love love these new shorts that just came out. They fit perfectly and I might just have to go back and get more colors and patterns because there are many. This jacket is also from Leezu. It’s not a new release but I fell in love with this jacket and paired it with these new shorts. My shoes are from Mon Tissu. My skin is Curio – Lustre in Posey and the Pose that I’m using is from Glitterati.

Atomic @ Culture Shock!

Quick Post but do check out the new shirts from Atomic at Culture Shock for 100L each, there is one for guys too. If you buy the white 50% of it goes to the Charity. The skin is also set for half of it to go to the Charity which is fantastic. I really love the sweetness in the face of this skin. There are even demos and the skin comes with four makeup optioms.

I’m also wearing hair from Lamb, Glitter Hot Pants from Leezu, Pose from Glitterati, fishnets from Erratic and boots from Gos.

Ispachi releases Portia at Culture Shock

It’s not often that I go out to events and buy skins but Portia from Ispachi caught my eye yesterday at the opening of Culture Shock and I had to pick up this skin. It’s a really lovely face and body, something that you need to get your butt over to Culture Shock to check out.. and if this isn’t enough reason there are a gazillion other stores with new releases!

The Rest is not from Culture shock. You can get the hair from Truth, the dress from Leezu and the Pose from Glitterati!

The Perfect Crime

“Sing, muse, of the passion of the pistol
Sing, muse, of the warning by the whistle
On a night so dark in the waning
A dawn obscured by slate sky raining

Five and twenty burglars by the reservoir
A teenage lookout on the signal tower
The mogul’s daughter in hogtie
The mogul fingers the wrong guy, all lies

It was a perfect, the perfect, the perfect, the perfect crime
It was a perfect, the perfect, the perfect, the perfect crime”

Loving this outfit called BDSM by Leezu. I keep on going back to see which one I’ll buy next. Hair by Lamb, Pose by Del May. Song by the Decemberists.

Vanitas Vestures

Vanitas Vestures by SarahTheRed Aurbierre is a shop that is new to me but I find the clothing to be quite lovely, feminine and creatively named.

The clothing that you can find there is versatile and very fairly priced and I love the little details and the many options in the heremtic waistbands paired with the alchemist’s high waisted skirt which I am wearing above and here below:

The main store can be found by teleporting here

    Other things of note:

I am also wearing the new hair from lamb, and in the back ground you can see that my skybox is from Nodari. The poses were free from Glitterati if you are in the (very much well worth it) VIP Group because she is always sending out free stuff it seems. My shirt is from Leezu, it’s the necklace one. Skin is from Illusory and be sure to hit up Silhouettes Shapes closing sale.. everything is 75 percent off and is one of my favorite shape stores on the grid.