Curio – Jasmine

Boon Hair, Curio Skin.

Boon Hair, Curio Skin, Leezu Outfit from BDSM series. SLINK Ballerina shoes. LAP Pose.

Boon Hair, Curio Skin, Leezu Outfit from BDSM series. SLINK Ballerina shoes. Del May Pose.


With Love.. Djinn and Tonic

The With Love Hunt brought to you by CHIC Management starts on November 26th. The With Love hunt has 100 stores and each item is only ten linden.. but… the item is valued at at least over 400L that you will be getting from each store.

I am showing first the item from Djinn and Tonic. I was very impressed with this one because you get the complete look including hair and those super cute matching shoes. The Pose that I am using is made by LAP who is also in the hunt and has a super sweet pose pack up for grabs.

The skin is not apart of the hunt but new to the Dressing Room this week. It was only 70L and it is the Eva Winter skin by Glam Affair.

In the next days I will be featuring my favorite items from the hunt. Make sure you stay tuned because beginning December 10th there is another fabulous hunt brought to you also by CHIC Management called “Happy Holidays From..” So please stay tuned!

Baiastice Special Report (Part 1)

 Baiastice – S_Vintage Body Tan Lingerie

 Baiastice – Comme des fleurs Dress in Pink

 Baiastice Beaded Organza Dress in Turquoise

Baiastice is a brand to me in SL that expresses femininity, beauty and couture measured with a bit of magic that makes me feel like a living work of art.

The promise of silk against my skin in a brilliant palette of colors that are absolutely inspired.  For the next few posts I will be introducing you to my favorite pieces from Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice’s Spring 2010 Collection. 

You can go look here:  the show room is decorated like spring and you may just find yourself enchanted.

I first found my love for Baiastice through the monthly freebies from the Baiastice group.  The freebies are quality and well made.. only a testament to what you will find at the store.  I think a well made freebie is like a business card and it makes you crave more of what the store has to offer.  I fell in love with the fall collection of 2009 and still wear many pieces as they are versatile and gorgeous.

In the pieces above I am wearing above I am wearing the Donnarama Casting Peach Make Up which will be further shown in a coming post.  My poses are from many different places.. the one wear my dress is catching on fire is from Del May.  I also used PDA and LAP.  My hair in the first two are from I Love Olive.  In the turquoise dress the hair was a lucky board item from W&Y.  My shoes are the Katherine shoes by Stiletto Moody.  My earrings are the Heirloom earings in nude from Phoenix Rising.

I shall return soon with part two of this so please stay tuned….


Summer Hotness (Part Two) – Your Skin & Your Shape

This is the second part of yesterdays post.  I wanted to space out the Barbara and Andrea skin tones a bit from Your Skin & Your Shape YS&YS.   Monicuzza Babenco, the more I wear your skin the more I fall in love with it.  I think the face is perfectly gorgeous and expressive.  My favorite part of this skin as of day two are the nipples, lips and eyes.  Again, nothing bad to say about any of this.  I think the skin speaks radiantly for itself.  I don’t believe in facelights either.. so what you see is what you get here.

Again, they still have that group gift out and in this Tone Andrea.  I’m wearing it in the post before this one.  You would never even know it’s a group gift with how nice and quality centered it is.  I am also wearing eyes from YS&YS.  I finally took off my poetic colors and tried something new!  Anyhow go visit this store and see for yourself..

The hair in this post is from Maitreya.  The tattoo is from a new to me shop that I checked out today called HUZ.  I think it looks lovely with the skin.  Poses are from a few different places today.. Glitterati for the headshot ones and I believe I settled on Diesel Works for the body ones and LAP.



So I’ve been watching a lot of this show called United States of Tara lately and basically if you have not seen it – it’s about a woman with multiple personalities and her personalities take on different personas.. she has a male one named buck and if Sylvia was a boi.. I think she would look something like what is pictured above.  Anyhow.. the show is fantastic.  Go watch it. 

The hair is a new hat with hair by Bryce Designs called Roadkill.  The texture that I’m wearing in the hat is my fave cause its the mudflaps girl.. however.. if that is not your thing don’t worry the hats texture changes five more times.  

The texture of the hair is nice and the range of colors is very nice too.. I just wish that mister Tully would delve into some more womanly styles cause I really dig the texture on the hair.  

Bryce Designs makes great mens hair but there are also unisex choices.  Also if you join the group you get a twenty percent discount or at least I did the last time I was there which was last week for my male post.  The prices are very reasonable as well. 

For everything else I am wearing Curio’s Elf 2 in Sundust in the tone Pure.  Clothing from League and Shoes from So Real.  The beer bottle was Marl’s idea and the cigarette I got off Xstreet.  The poses are from Long Awkward Pause.  My full body Tat is from Garden of Ku.  Socks are from Sn@tch.

Cheers and Drink a cold one for me!

For the Men in our lives..


Hey.. meet Oli, my inner boy pictured above with me on the right.  I’m going to show you some wonderful new things from Phoenix Rising, Mens hair from Bryce Designs  and some skin from Belleza.  In the Photo above the shirt with tie featured is called Push.. oh and those sexy mens underwear are from Vitamen


Phoenix Rising also has these shirts pictured above called “Blind” for the nice and stylish men in our lives.  I’ve paired this look with pants from Redgrave and hair from Bryce Designs and this style looks good on both men and women. 


Then there is the new outfit by Phoenix Rising for men called Ion.  I’ve shown it in all the colors.  The men’s hair from Bryce Designs in this photo is called Poser.  The sandals are a group give from grasp from some time ago.  The poses used in this post are from Olive Juice and from LAP.

Red Packets bring Springflowers

I know what your thinking.. gah.. why another hunt.  But this one is great because just look at the designers involved:

alaMood Boutique, Allep Jeans, ARAI, Atelier AM, Aurora Shop, AY.Line, BeetleBones, Bunny B, Cockles, couverture, DUBOO, Dustarrz, glow studio, hair Oh, Happy Finds, insignia, KENZIE&CO, kik, Lark, Leafy, LG Concept, Love Soul, Mah poor Quality, Mango Mango, Miseria, mocha, Modd G, Mother Goose’s, MudHoney, MY UGLYDOROTHY, NINIKO, Ohmai, (OMFG) I Love it, oyakin, PIDIDDLE, Pig, rcbg, RunoRuno, Slash Me Poses, tee*fy, This is a Fawn, tomoto, Whippet & Buck

Ok, your next question might be what mine was.. what is a Red Packet?  Well I was curious so I looked it up on Wiki and found this:  It is actually a very very cool tradition.

So what am I wearing from the hunt?  Above pictured we have the Oyakin henkei-knit sweater in green.  The flowers in my hair is the Chinese Headpiece called Mulan in light pink and you can find that at Atelier.  My skin is a hunt item from My Ugly Dorthoy and there are three of them including shapes!  I love My Ugly Dorthoy, she makes me feel like a spring flower.  Look at that gorgeous coloring.

The rest of what I am wearing is not from the hunt but totally worth checking out.  The hair was Lamb‘s Stumblebum which is probably gone by now because it is Monday, but who knows it might be still there.  The skirt is from Oyakin.  Gah I love Oyakin.  If you want to visit Oyakin for yourself, go here:

The eyes are from Poetic Colors as always.  The poses that I used today are from LAP and Striking poses.  My shoes are from Shiny things and the knee highs are from Corduroy.




Carol Ann Duffy


Not a red rose or a satin heart.

I give you an onion.
It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.
It promises light
like the careful undressing of love.

It will blind you with tears 
like a lover.
It will make your reflection
a wobbling photo of grief.

I am trying to be truthful.

Not a cute card or a kissogram.

I give you an onion.
Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips,
possessive and faithful
as we are,
for as long as we are.

Take it.
Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding-ring,
if you like.

Its scent will cling to your fingers,
cling to your knife.

Poetry.  Not your usual fashion feed hot-bit but something that I love, though mayhaps be red flags for some.  I love a little verse with my vanity.  I like this poem because it’s unconventional and I can read it again and again and not be bored of it.  I love poems/books/movies like that… and I thought it would be a change from yesterdays post.

The skin pictured is a lucky chair item from CStar.  It is called Valentina and for this photo I was very lucky to have obtained it.  I like the details in the face and the very red lips and best of all with a little patience its for free.  If you would like to try your luck in getting this it is here through the month of Febuary:

The shoes in this picture are new from ABomb.  The new boots are named Joanna and will be 150L until the next new release, then regular price of 300L. These are color change and mesh well to go with any outfit.  The are very chic.  It’s like having several pairs of shoes for a very low price.  You can go here to get them:  Make sure you join the subscribomatic while you are there as they will be giving out a gift of the cutests wellies on Feburary 13th.

My outfit is from Glam Affair for 1L from the I ❤ Originals fair you can get to it by following this SLURL  The I ❤ orignals fair is an event promoted by the Artists Voice to support original content in Second Life.

The eyes are a new freebie from Poetic Colors, they are my exclusive choice in eyes.  They are cute valentine eyes.  I am in love with every eye that Lano Ling does.  You can get them for yourself by going here:   Oh while your there Kusshon has a valentines day table freebie.  It’s gorgeous and romantic.

My hair is from the very fabulous and the Poses used in this post are from LAP Long Awkward Poses.

I do wish you all a wonderful day.

I'm Hot for Your Brains!

Hai!  I’m so excited because well.. for two reasons.  One.. It’s Zombie Time!  Two.. Marleen Vaughan has decided to make two dresses for the Hot for Zombie event and 100% of all proceeds will go to The Red Cross for the Haitian relief effort. 

She has put a spin on two of her old dresses from her days at Marly’s and Gore’d them up for you just for this special event and the ad boards for the dresses are awesome sauce.. I am in the Lizard ad but you wont recognize me cause I, Sylvia Olivier.. am the Lizardman!  The dresses are only 25l per color or if you want them in all five colors the fat pack is only 100l and it all goes to help The Red Cross Haiti relief effort.   Teleport here for the event.
The Lizardman dress made by Marleen Vaughan of Coffeepot shown in Mud worn with Hair from Red Queen, Skin from Curio, boots from Shiny Things, and the Scars and Blood Tattoos made by me… If you should like a copy let me know as they may soon be available.

This is the dress called Possession by Marleen Vaughan of Coffeepot shown in Military.  I have on an old gift from Tyranny from a previous Zombie Event.  The hair is from Tukinowgama and the boots are new from Miel. 

The poses are from Olive Juice and Lap!  (I’m sorry I’m bad about not crediting the poses and will try to vastly improve upon this in the future cause I heart pose makers too <3)

I hope to see you at the Hot for Zombie – My Bloody Valentine event after all its alot of fun and for a great worthwhile cause.. If you are going to shop today head over here and shop because ALL proceeds go to the Red Cross.. Even if you don’t want to shop there are kiosks to donate all over the place.  The last event in October raised just over 500,000l.. so come on people lets at least double that and show that you care.

I’m off to eat some tasty brains!