jennifer python

The Inkwell

I could write a really long post telling you all the reasons why you should check out the Inkwell, but I’m hoping that you will just go and check it out and see all the awesomeness it beholds. Maribel Button already wrote a fabulous article complete with interview of Jennifer Python and Jessyca Teardrop and you should read it to learn more!

I tried to take as many pictures as possible to show you the awesomeness but as I was talking to Jennifer Python in an IM on Skype.. she asked me if I looked around the back and something about a waterfall.. so literally you could walk around and take pictures of the Inkwell and still find things to be excited about. I have to go back and find that waterfall! To me places like these are a nod to my early twenties spent in places like this on open mic night scribbling out my napkin poems and hoping that one cute girl would notice me.

I’ve tried to pack as much awesomeness as I could into one post but really, you are just gonna have to go see it in world. There is an event tonight at 6SLT. If you like live music, games or just a really kick ass DJ this is definitely the place for you.

This weekend’s event schedule (starting today):

Keeba Tammas 6-7pm SLT
Games and other fun stuff 7pm – whenever

Phemie Alcott 6-7pm SLT
A super awesome DJ 7-9pm SLT

Samm Qendra 6-7pm SLT
Open Mic/Silliness 7pm – whenever

Also for me, this place is a dream because it is very blogger friendly for shadows and I did not lag much on ultra. My look today consists of all the new things from League. D!va – Jina hair from Collabor88 and skin from Pink Fuel.

The Haunting of Savage Harbour!

So, I have this friend named Jennifer Python and she pretty much rocks. She’s a DJ over at Greek Gold Lesbian Resort where they have over 15,000 in members. Her boss Hera Emms gave her a sim to decorate and do whatever she wanted to it and my photos do not do it justice at all. I mean.. who rents an entire sim for a kick ass Halloween party? They are going to be partying on till Saturday where there will be a Danse Macabre formal dance.

From previous experience I’ve visited Greek Gold on a friday when my friend Jennifer Python aka JP Dj’s and it is “off the hook” and the place is always packed and there is always some crazy amount of lindens you can win on the board.. once I won like 4k just for wearing best costume but I’ve seen the boards go up more than that.

Anyhow this Friday (in two days) they will be opening this kick ass sim for the party (maybe a bit sooner but that has not been confirmed.. if you want to be informed join the in world Greek Gold Lesbian Resort group for Slurls and stuff like that or just IM

They are also looking for people that want to sponsor the event. By sponsor I mean your store is exposed to all the group members if you donate items or giftcards which would be nice exposure I think because there are around 15k group members and in exchange you would get ad boards and mention through live dj’s. Below is a note explaining it better:

Dear Potential Sponsor,

Halloween is quickly approaching and Greek Gold Lesbian Resort, the fastest growing women’s only sim with over 15,000 VIP members, is having an event unlike no other in true GGLR fashion.

A special sim is currently being constructed entirely for this event. On the weekend of October 28 and 29th, we will have our daily events with live DJ’s and contests as well as the widely known Friday Night theme party and a formal “Danse Macabre” on Saturday evening.

We are currently looking for creators around the grid who would be generous enough to donate items or gift cards in return for prominent advertisment via ad boards with LM givers and our live DJ’s plugging your shops over the span of the two day event.

We hope you will consider joining us, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns – or even would just like to peek at the sim.

Thank you for your consideration!

Jennifer Python
Jessyca Teardrop
Jessenia Marabana

If you want to sponsor the event cool! If you want to attend cool! I just know its going to be an awesome time. I’m trying to figure out my costume now!