Sunday’s girl

I felt like making a look of the day so I did what any normal SL person would do.. I went shopping!

First I went to Lelutka and got this new hair called Nook and has a wrap around hair scarf with a ton of color options. Then I found myself at Baiastice buying this skirt I saw a few days ago when I was buying the boots that I’m wearing in this post.. and I thought “hmm, what to wear with this..”

First I tried on the Mesh turtleneck they have but it didn’t work so I put on these two sheer tops from Jane and headed over to Erratic cause I needed to cover up my boobs. I settled on this cropped leather jacket which is bad ass and got the Koi tattoo from them to go under my sheer shirts. My jewelry in this post is from Mandala.

These poses are from Geez by Grazia Horwitz and the eyes that I have on are from Ikon.. they are from the new Eternal eyes and they are fantastic. This shade is called Ice. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Jane does Spring!

Spring is in the air! The newest releases from Jane in some beautiful spring colors like the outfit that I am wearing put me in the mood to get rid of boots, scarves and all things winter. But first check out the jewelry set that I am wearing from Je Suis. I LOVE owls and when I found this set in their mainstore I fell in love so I had to get a close up!

This Ring is also part of the set and simply adorable. I wanted to get a closer shot of that too. Anyhow these new seperates from Jane are mesh so you need a mesh enabled viewer to see them but they are on the lower end of the price spectrum for higher priced quality. I always adore the mesh that I get from Jane, and the pricing is wonderful too.

I am also using poses from Purple Poses. The brand new skin from Glam Affair “Leah” which I believe is out later today and newish hair from Exile in Sunset. I love being a red head right now and Exile has some of the prettiest hair colors for being a red head. My shoes are the cottage flats from Mon Tissu.

Happy Shopping!

The Fashion Garret has some nice stuff!

First off MOOD offers up this enchanting set called the Profonde Ensemble compromised of this beautiful color of blue and dark silvery stones. I love love love the colors swirling in the earrings. I actually built my outfit around the accessories, as this reminds me of something that I’d wear out to a nice club dancing and having a good time. It’s a steal at 65L for both the earring and necklace. This is a notable piece and yours at the Fashion Garret for the next few weeks for a low introductory price.

While I was there I picked up this shirt from Haut Monde. I love the texturing on this – it’s really pretty and well done. I also picked up these shoes from N-Core.. which they were a pleasant surprise to come from the Fashion Garret in this sparkly purple tone. I am wearing the freebie fuzzy tights from Jane that was a recent gift and a denim skirt that was previously sold at Grixdale that I still absolutely love. Happy shopping.. get over there and buy!

Jane releases mesh clothing!

When I first heard about mesh coming to SL I was a bit worried that it would mean that I could not play SL anymore because of my graphics. I was under the wrong impression though. The official viewer did not work for me but the Kirstens viewers newest release did so last night I went to Jane. Oh, also as far as i know Kirstens and the official SL viewer are the only two that support mesh so far.

There are many new items that she has made and they all look really great. You maybe have to mod your shape slightly for some of them but you can try on everything that she has made for free, there are demos for you to use. I wanted to buy one of the dresses and attempt a photo because I really love the work that she has done into so far. I am wearing the small size dress with the alpha that is provided. I did not mod my shape for this. To me it fits really nice.

I am not an expert on the subject by far but I think with a few tweaks we will all be crazy over it soon enough. The things that were new or confusing to me was not being able to move or stretch the dress or even detach it by right clicking it. However if you go into build you can detach it. There is a much better blog post on mesh is here

Also Guys and Butch girls don’t be discouraged.. instead be on the look out for Wicked Closet coming soon!

Oh, hai there.

Hello world.

I will get back to my slightly more regular blogposts soon. This last week has been rather rough. We had a death in my family and also some other stuff that has happened and I have not quite been in the blogging mood.

So, in other words if you are looking for my posts my darling readers they are coming and if not.. hello anyhow!

More importantly I am wearing this lovely new dress from Jane. My hair is newly released from Elikatira. These glasses are from Donna Flora and my post is from Glitterati.

Jane has had several new releases worth checking out. The store is so cute and everything is so reasonably priced. Also I will say that I love Elikatira hair. Everything always looks amazing.

Secret Store

Dear Maylee Oh,

I love the way you made this chiffon skirt, but now I have to go get the rest. In fact I pretty much like everything that you make, I have on your bow-lero jacket, and your black boots that were I think a lazy sunday item a few weeks ago.

You make lovely clothing, please don’t stop.
Your fan girl, Sylvia.

Hehe. Anyhow fan-girling aside, the secret store is so cool.

I am posing with a pose from glitterati, inside the mint apartment by nodari which has these lovely lights in it that work well with wind light in my opinion. Also, I have on some garter tights from league and hair from truth. The skin that I am wearing is skin number 18 from Belleza. The tank underneath is free from Jane.