illusory skin

Fembots who lunch

So I’m in a group on flickr called One week of pictures and the most recent topic was movies. It is a great fun group to be in with people who take much better photos than I do. Absolutely worth checking out.

There had been a store that I wanted to check out in Second Life called “Ladies Who Lunch” by Faint Paulse and this outfit caught my eye and reminded me of the scene in Austin Powers where the Fembots had machine gun parts shooting out of their “Jubblies” So I dunno I sorta dressed myself up like how I thought an Austin Powers Fembot might. I really like Ladies who Lunch, it is a great store and a lot of fun to shop there.

Addict has fabulous new releases!

Sometimes a designer makes a grand new release and my jaw just drops in amazement. This is no exception. The new release from Kianna Noel of Addict this week has a little bit of sass matched with class mixed with a fresh new style of sophistication.

In this new release you can expect to find a brand new sweater named zo-han, aradia jumper, nora shorts, a very sexy dress called ziomara and two brand new scarves – one is called minnu and one is called thora! I am wearing the new releases in these photos mixed with a few items that I already own.

I am also wearing the brand new hair from Loq that is also impressing the hell out of me lately and the brand new released Lotus Pumps from Baiastice and I have on a newer bracelette from alamood called the sorella cuff. I really love it. The pants that I am wearing in the one picture with the Aradia jumper are from Armindi and about a year or more old, but I still really like them.

Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Go shopping!