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Dutchie does the Linden Home for a romantic hide-away.

To see the photos larger click through the gallery!

I don’t have a linden home so I used one of my Dutchie homes for the purpose of setting this up. The idea though is to furnish your linden home and still have two prims left over for some sexy pose ball time. The set is semi linked and you can place it all in minutes. Its a very easy way to decorate if you are in a hurry to “enjoy” the furniture.

To Quote the Dutchie Blog:
“The furniture has 48 single and 183 couple animations, all carefully selected for their beauty, realism, fun and diversity.

The bed, chaise lounge and shower have adult menu’s with 22 single and 169 couple animations in total. The menu’s differ slightly in style, the shower is directed towards quickies, the chaise lounge has some master or mistress and servant roleplay, the bed is perfect for long sessions of making love. Clicking trough the menu’s is a breeze, with as little camera position adjustments needed as possible.”

To give you an idea of how awesomely low prim this set is.. is that you can see the living room in the above photos well all the furniture in the living room was I counted 37 prims. That is the prim size of a nice couch… just a couch! So those of you with no prims to spare this is an especially good thing for you because.. the best part is is that the couch, the chaise, the shower and the bed all have the highest of quality and the loviliest of animations from being intimate to just maybe wanting to snap a few nice photos.

If you are interested in seeing this set you can take this teleport to see how it would look in an actual linden home. The furniture is sold seperately or in a pack and if you get the whole pack you get 20 percent off which is a very good deal.