gos boots

Glutton for Sin

1. Most furniture in this post is from the Loft. These pics were taking in my SL Kitchen… gluttony = food. The house is the Lali House by La’Liscious. My poses are from Hopscotch poses available at the Festival of Sin and they are adorable.

2. This skin is lovely and only 250L at Exodi’s booth at the festival of sin. The Sophie Skin comes with two makeups, freckles and cleavage options for cheap, cheap cheap. Please tell Ms. Beck to release the rest of em.

3. Brand new Maggie hair from Truth Hawks. Rawr. My little hat is from Lou Lou & Co. at the Festival of Sin.

4. The cutest sushi lingerie in the world possibly is from Schadenfreude at the festival.

5. Also the cutest boots possibly in the world in this lovely red color that is exclusive only to the Festival of Sin are form Gos. Seriously.. when he makes boots the ladies are like cats around a bowl of cream. There is almost nothing better. Gos boots are epic.

Am I not, adorable?

Black Ballon

“Elevator straight into my skull
The escalator rises as it falls
I swear our chant is crashing in my mind
You can hold on but I wouldn’t waste your time

Farewell my black balloon
Farewell my black balloon”
The Kills

The Festival of Sin opened yesterday and the main thing that I cared about was getting my primmy little fingers on these fabulous pink Triumph boots by Gos. They are mesh, come with a hud and I love them. You need to go demo them, you need to get the fat pack because I should have and I didn’t. After I bought one pair trying to be fiscally responsible I went back and bought two more and I have my eye on the beige color. Sighs. They really are worth it though.

This beautiful Tattoo you can also get at the Festival of Sin. It is a Koi tattoo from Essential Soul and one of the nicest tattoo’s I’ve ever seen in SL. All three poses in this post are from Adorable form the Touch Me set now available at the Festival of Sin.

I am wearing new threads from Kianna Noel of Addict which is also at the festival. I love this body suit and pants and even the sexy spiked mesh cut. She really out did herself on the festival items making this my favorite look so far. This outfit is fun, youthful and full of playfulness.

This beautiful Mesh Hair from Truth Hawks has won over my heart. It is adorable and fits so nicely as if it were made for my head. I love the flexi attachment of tendrils that make the mesh hair not as stiff. This hair is not at the festival but it is brand new and gorgeous.

Fembots who lunch

So I’m in a group on flickr called One week of pictures and the most recent topic was movies. It is a great fun group to be in with people who take much better photos than I do. Absolutely worth checking out.

There had been a store that I wanted to check out in Second Life called “Ladies Who Lunch” by Faint Paulse and this outfit caught my eye and reminded me of the scene in Austin Powers where the Fembots had machine gun parts shooting out of their “Jubblies” So I dunno I sorta dressed myself up like how I thought an Austin Powers Fembot might. I really like Ladies who Lunch, it is a great store and a lot of fun to shop there.

Lelutka Releases Kit!

It’s not often that I sign off SL and then check my email before bed and then immediately sign back into SL.. why? The words “Minnu Palen has offered you inventory…” in an email subject line.

Yes I’m a total fan girl of Lelutka and no I don’t care what anyone thinks.
I signed right back and had to check out the goods.

I find “Kit” to be one of the best Lelutka skins yet. It’s flawless anywhere you look. The face is softened and the lips hold a quirk of mystery. The Spine and back is one of my favorite parts of this skin followed by the detailed nipples and the over all smoothness of it.

Kit is made up of seven makeups and one base so you can add all your makeup layers and what not. The new eyelashes that were released along side of Kit come in Natural, Curled and Long. A cool feature of the lashes is that you can touch them and they change color! They are also easy to fit and come with a very detailed instruction card.

The Ellis eyes were also released along side Kit.. and they are of brilliant colors and they look real! You can also check on the marketplace for Lelutka items because many of the new releases seem to be popping up there. I’m always wearing the new boots from Gos, the new nails from Mandala and my panties are from Hucci as a part of the feather lingerie set. Poses are from Glitterati and Olive Juice. Now get shopping!