Bravo & The Four Corners Event

The Four Corners event is still going on till the 31st. I’ve poked around in it and have found a few favorites. Featured above is from the “Delightfully Bright” section is the Bravo Collection from MOOD. The set features Diamond encrusted wrist cuffs, two different sets of earrings.. the Diamond ones are the ones shown but there is also a feather set and then there is this darling accent to wear on your shoulder… Diamonds and brightly colored feathers.. what more do you need? You can see the Four Corners event and pick the Bravo Collection from MOOD up here.

For your info.. MOOD Gift cards are also half off until the 1st of January.. Would be great for your last minute Christmas Shopping needs..

Also to be of note.. I have been absolutely MAD for mesh lately. I just love the texturing and the fit to it. Above I’m wearing a Mesh Dress and Boots from Celoe… which fit like an absolute dream with the standard sizing options. Both of my poses in this post are credited to !Bang.