Froukje Hoorenbeek

Dutchie’s Vintage Massage Table


Want to relax in Second Life, play spa, get a massage and unwind while perhaps even getting that ever elusive “Happy Ending” without the guilt? Dutchie has just released these really neat Vintage Massage table for you to go and get that ultimate “Spa Experience”. –

You are totally in control of choosing your own adventure. You can start off light with a nice back rub while a modest towel covers you and slowly work your way into more intimate poses. There is already a great post detailing the animations and prims and what not and I took many photos below. Or better yet, you can try them in world:








New from Dutchie!

Dutchie by Froukje Hoorenbeek has a new and very intimate bedroom set out right now.
The bed of course has all the fun animations which I would love to show you when my partner is online or you could grab your favorite person and test them out at the Dutchie Mainstore. In the pictures you can see that I feel in love especially with the vanity set that lets you “get ready” for your day or a night out.

It has such animations as applying nailpolish, putting on lotion to applying lipstick, there are many different ones and the set is quite impressive as it is all mesh and gives out props on touch. This is a super impressive set and the prim count is super low. I love this style of furniture because not only does it look nice but it has many amazing functions and beautiful animations as well. Also, in my opinion Dutchie makes the best beds for sex and intimacy in Second Life that I’ve seen. There is even an option in the bed where you can select sequences and let the scene play so you can focus on other things.. other than clicking a bed *wink*

Go see this set in world here:

What I’m wearing: Skin by Izzies. Dutchie Mesh wearable towel. Slink Mesh hands and feet, Hair by Exile and eyes from Ikon.

Home Expo sneak peek!

Miss Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie invited me over to her super secret work space and I managed to snag a few pics for a super sneaky preview of her projects in the works for the 5th Annual Home and Garden Expo.

As you can see though I’m not able to show much.. it is definitely a lovely sense of anticipation to see how cool this expo is going to be. Froukje excels at this mesh stuff and I feel totally honored to get a closer look before the Expo even opens.

I am wearing new hair from Truth. New clothes from ColdLogic and the fantabulous Triumph boots from Gos. My skin is Leah from Glam Affair.

Dutchies Pure Luxury beds

Intimacy is one of the elements that was missing from my life when I first rezzed in SL over five years ago.

New to Second Life I sought out different clubs out of curiosity and self discovery. I’ve seen many evolutions of the Second Life sex bed but perhaps one of the best beds that I have seen on Second Life that best stimulates that intimacy, can be expressed on this new bed by Dutchie. The Pure Luxury Summer Beds.

There are three different versions of this bed. PG, Mature and a BDSM version. Each bed is low prim and an absolute work of art and best of all.. MESH.

They are color changeable allowing you the choice of eight different colors along with four different metals.

The animations in this bed are exquisite and there are no embarrassing pose balls to deal with.. you simply sit on the bed as you would in real life and let your imagination run wild.

There is even a setting in it for sequences for those times where “hands-free” is an absolute must. The bed is filled with smooth and stimulating scenes bringing the feel of class to your role play experience.

The Specifics:

    Summer bed pg:
    10 cute solo animations and 30 sweet couple animations, 11 rezzing scenes and 6 wearable items.

    Summer bed adult:
    40 wonderful pg couple animations and 74 thrilling adult couple animations, 6 rezzing scenes and 11 wearable items, and 4 very long sequences that will keep you busy for hours.

    Summer bed bondage:
    20 lovely pg couple animations, 74 exiting adult couple animations and 26 scandalous bondage couple animations for him and her, 5 wearable items and 1 rezzing scene. The scarfs on the bed frame discretely disappear when the bondage animations aren’t played. This bed holds no less then 6 very long sequences that will keep you busy for hours.

    The best way to experience the beds is to visit Dutchie Furniture in world. They are a must see and if you buy one of these you will have gotten the absolute best bed for intimacy in the entire SLUniverse and thus will probably not have to buy another one!

    I’d love to thank my partner Spencer Christenson for his endless patience and sexy pixels for agreeing to pose with me for hours until I got it right.. or maybe I was just stalling because I love him so much but anyhow check out his blog he is awesome and super sexy.

    If you have a specific styling question feel free to contact me by comment or in world, the main thing to see here is the bed 😀

Dutchie Does Robes

Froukje Hoorenbeek the creator of Dutchie is mainly known for her furniture has turned a new leaf, she now creates clothing.. and more specifically the robe that I am wearing in this post. Never mind the beautiful furniture and Hague skybox which is also a newer furniture release at Dutchie, but for now let’s just focus on the robe.

The robe comes in several different colors and has nice fitting options and re-sizable parts in case your frame is voluptuous or petite.. you can resize it to fit you! It also comes with an alpha layer and its own ao so that there are no awkward poses and everything is smooth flowing as the scuplted robe itself. I do like it when creators reach far outside their norm. I hope to see more clothes from the talented Ms. Hoorenbeek of Dutchie soon!

For more about Dutchie please check out the blog: Here.
To buy Dutchie products quickly on the marketplace go: Here.

Dutchie at The SL Home Garden & Patio Expo!

One of the most Zen-like places that I’ve found so far at the expo is a set up by Froukje Hoorenbeek for her store Dutchie. You can find her set up on Home Expo 3.

There is a large and welcoming white house, complete with a forest of pine trees, a sweet canopy bed and wardrobe with a discarded gown in the grass complemented by flowers in bloom, a pristine blanket perfect for a picnic or for getting closer and a secret well with more animations than you could even think of.

When I was snapping some photos for my post I was able to speak with Froukje a bit. She is by far one of the sweetest and most down to earth content creators that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in SL. I’m not just saying that either. There is something about her that just stands out and I was happy to have spoken to her, and her creations and the creativity that goes into what she does in SL is absolutely amazing. My photos are not doing it justice. You really have to just go see for yourself 🙂