Aoharu does mesh…

Gosh. I love this sweater from Aoharu and I found it to be perfect in every way. It fit so beautifully and the textures Marukinare so nice worn. They also come in Standard Sizing, which makes it much easier for me to fit mesh products to my AV.

I am also wearing the beautiful new hair from Elikatira. I love the texturing in Elikatira’s hair so so much. It looks so very soft and inviting.

The skin that I am wearing was actually free from the lucky boards at Mother Goose.. about a half hour or so of waiting around I was rewarded this morning with this adorable skin.. also be sure to check out the new 1L skin they have out and the new releases. I am also wearing Jeans from Mon Tissu and the Heathrow boots from Mon Tissu as well and my poses are form .


Golden Amber

So it’s been one heck of a week for me. My trusted laptop died and I’ve had to downgrade to a different computer until hopefully I can get mine fixed. I might be missing a bit here and there.

Anyhow.. I got this skin from Dutch Touch which I think is lovely for the low low price of free. Yep, for group members you can get this skin for free. There is a fee to join the group but it well more than makes up for it when you get these pretty skins which is fairly often. I love love love the lips.

This beautiful multi strand pearl necklace set from MOOD also comes with a cocktail ring and is a complete steal for 75L for this weekends project Themeory, so do go and grab that up today while you can!

Hucci also had sent out a group gift which I am wearing. A golden top and bottom is very nice and goes along great with sort of a seventies vibe with this brand new hair from Lelutka. Lelutka also released four other hairs that are absolutely gorgeous. I am also wearing boots from Gos, which I have all the colors of because I wear them so very often.

Anyhow I hope that you have a great weekend and if you celebrate it.. happy Easter!

The Seasons Hunt

So, Marls and I were doing bits and pieces of the Seasons Hunt yesterday and put this little house together which is one of the fabulous thing that you can get from the hunt. The only thing I bought for these photos was the Nodari Kitchen which goes so well in the house and it was a steal at 200L and I scored the blue rug for free from Molto Bene.

The items featured in this post are the hunt items from L2 where the skybox is from, The Loft, Little Boxes, Nodari, Northwest, Cheeky Pea, Art Dummy, Kari, and I think that I forgot one but this hunt is soo worth doing. This could be a good starter home for someone and you could really add your own touches in here to make it look really great. There is also other furniture in the hunt.. Katya Jhamin did a wonderful post for everything that you can get in the hunt and the slurls. So look at her post too!


Definately go check it out.  

I’m wearing the Tres Blah Skin (500L) at Blur, the Miel hair (75L) and the RunoRuno dress.  There is also a nice body suit by RunoRuno and both are free.  Everything I saw was very reasonably priced though for the work that went into it.  You don’t even need a swanky graphics card to see this.  Just follow the instructions upon arrival and make sure your draw distance is above 256 and spend some time becoming immersed n the artwork 🙂

This exhibit runs until August 16th.

A Summer of Love

Please read until the end.. lots of info!

First I’d like to mention the necklace made by Carolines Jewelry that I am wearing is from the Summer of Love fair in which I’ll be showing items on the blog from this very nice event. The fair is to raise awareness, not money although designers are encouraged to donate.

There are freebies to be had, exclusive items and more. This is something that is near and dear to me for personal reasons. But freebies and exclusive items aside = event to raise awareness.. I think is a beautiful thing.

My skin is from Mynerva who I checked out after seeing much buzz on the feed. I like many of you fell in love with the skin and the prices. I really like this shop and I have bought some of the Tattoos they have for sale which are very unique and fabulous. This skin is the Pure Envy skin in butterscotch and I matched it with a brand new shape from Carissa Crimson at Silhouette Shapes which I have to say makes my favorite In world shapes.

This shape is the Mandy Shape and it comes with pre-fitted eyelashes which is awesome! I have the hardest time fitting eyelashes. It also comes with a love pair of eyes and a Styling Card. The best part? The shapes are mod.

Oh, something that I’m not sure is top secret but I’ll tell you anyhow. There is this thing that I caught wind of called theWarehouse. Right now they are having a super fabulous sale on all things Armidi the Finale Sale..where everything is marked fifty percent off but the catch is you gotta join the in world group. If you can’t find it its visible in my profile. I’m not sure how long it lasts but I snagged this bra and panty set for I think was 113L or something like that. You can find out more info here:

My hair is brand new from Lelutka. Who always makes great hair. So go check stuff out! Make sure you visit the Summer of Love fair!

Mijn.t Love

I know it’s Monday now and Project Themory is a day overdue but I just really wanted to say that Mijn.t’s item this time was pretty awesome. Not only did it come with three dresses for the Circus Theme with very inventive skirts as balloons it also came with three poses for the dresses and a piece of art work –all in one pack!

Mijn.t’s Items though for Project Themory are awesome, inspired and quality. Only 75L gets you alot!

I am also wearing a new jewelry set from Carolines called Donata. These are bright and bold, I love the style of them. They also come in blue and orange. Carolines always releases interesting and versatile jewelry that can be worn to enhance whatever look you may be going for.

My eyes were free from Poetic Colors from the Good Shit Hunt. My skin is from Glam Affair from the Zombie Popcorn hunt called Daphne. My boots are Bax. My hair is from Lamb. Go get em tigers!

Happy Birthday to the Deck


Go down to the Deck today where they are celebrating their one year anniversary.  Almost every store has a gift and Everything that I am wearing in the post above is from the Deck today and is FREE, tomorrow also.

Dress is Lelutka, Hair is Miel, Skin is Idiosyncracy (the skin pack is incrediably generous), and the bracelet bangles are YsYs (Your Skin, Your Shape).   The pose is not from the Deck but it is a new pose by Del May and only 40l.   There are many great stores though giving away birthday gifts and alot of good shopping to be had.  Have fun 🙂

Summer Hotness (Part Two) – Your Skin & Your Shape

This is the second part of yesterdays post.  I wanted to space out the Barbara and Andrea skin tones a bit from Your Skin & Your Shape YS&YS.   Monicuzza Babenco, the more I wear your skin the more I fall in love with it.  I think the face is perfectly gorgeous and expressive.  My favorite part of this skin as of day two are the nipples, lips and eyes.  Again, nothing bad to say about any of this.  I think the skin speaks radiantly for itself.  I don’t believe in facelights either.. so what you see is what you get here.

Again, they still have that group gift out and in this Tone Andrea.  I’m wearing it in the post before this one.  You would never even know it’s a group gift with how nice and quality centered it is.  I am also wearing eyes from YS&YS.  I finally took off my poetic colors and tried something new!  Anyhow go visit this store and see for yourself..

The hair in this post is from Maitreya.  The tattoo is from a new to me shop that I checked out today called HUZ.  I think it looks lovely with the skin.  Poses are from a few different places today.. Glitterati for the headshot ones and I believe I settled on Diesel Works for the body ones and LAP.

I Give a Damn

Check out this website 

I gotta love Cyndi Lauper.  Goddess of my childhood reminding me that Girls just wanna have fun.  I’m probably new to finding out about this site.. I found it through a flickr friend Ms. Bunny Brickworks and her photo inspired me to make my own.  If you haven’t made one and this is something that you care about I would love to see more people that “Give a Damn”.  This website is to educate everyone.. Straight.. Gay.. whatever your preference. 

Give a damn cause we are all humans and all deserve the same Human Rights.

For my photo I am wearing the new “Scene” hair by Exile.  Skin and Eyes by YS&YS and the eyes are seriously awesome and only 50l a pair.  The skin is the free Andrea group gift skin I was telling you about earlier.  The necklace is a new release from Mandala and the dress is from Luck Inc.

Tellaq Avatar Creations

In these photos is skin from a place that I have only just heard about today.  The place is called Tellaq Avatar Creations and from this article here you will learn that Tellaq means “a cleaner guy in a Turkish bath”.



I love the shading and richness in the skin so do make sure you check out this shop here at the mainstore.  I loved the hairbase to this skin so much I shot it without the hair.  There is a mens section too and I believe that they are in the Make Him Over hunt and they have lucky chairs and midnight mania boards as well as a few deals going on, So in my opinion this place is worth checking out.

The shoes in the post are from Lelutka.  The jewels are from Mandala and the eyes are the freebie spring meadow eyes from Poetic colors.  In skin this lovely.. you don’t need clothing.