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Yes, even more rewind!

Sorriso aberto, alma livre!


Wearing from Rewind:
/Wasabi Pills/ Stephanie Mesh Hair
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Bow [Lara] RARE
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Choker [Lara] silver / candy
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Ribbon [Lara] silver / snow
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Skates [Lara] RARE
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Sock [Lara] snow
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Suit [Lara] RARE
{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Rollie+Tutu [Lara] RARE

Astralia – Vintage backgrounds (Dressing Room)

KittyCats for all!

Warning: This post will be sorta image heavy due to the adorable-ness (is that even a word?) to be found at the opening of the KittyCats sims a brand new breedable cat that will claw its way into your hearts!

Ok so where to begin.. I am in the fashion bloggers group that is run by Callie Cline and we recieved a special invitation yesterday to go ahead and look over the sim and get to know the kitties. I have to admit I was super excited as I’ve been in breedables for about a year now and IMO Kittycats are hands down so far the cutest – from when I first saw a photo of them on another blog I really wanted to know more.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by a very kind representative. She was willing and able to answer the questions that I had and made me feel at home. I was able to hold one of the kitties, her name is Sears (later I saw Roebuck roaming around) and I took a few pictures as seen above. Then I was off on my own to explore inside the store. The store itself is sectioned off into three parts. There is a part for accesories, a part for food and a part for the cats and the building that it is set in is breathtaking as well as how they have it set up. This is definately a cat brand for all of you out there into fashion and beauty. They are fashionable cats. The animations in the cats were made by Olive Juice and the build is Barnesworth Anubis.

They didn’t have prices for the food yet but I was able to price the cats which are very competitive with other brands, and personally I woudnt mind paying a bit more if it were priced a bit more seeing how adorable they are.

The cats are sold as:
single 298 plus food for one week.
pair 599 plus food for one week.
two pairs 1500L plus food and milk for two weeks.
five pairs of kitties plus food and milk for two weeks.

Another interesting thing that I found out is that you can purchase collars for the cats. This is the first breedable cat that I have heard of that you can get accessories for them. Also these cats also have some type of kit that you can get that will make them permanent pets if you don’t want to pay the cost of upkeep (food etc) you can make them into just a regular non breedable pet. Which is an innovation in my opinion to the world of breedables. The accesories that you can purchase for the cats are stylish and will fit any home decor as well as being reasonably priced.

I did happen to ask about the breeding and kittens become adult cats at age 7 in which they will start to gain love. If you feed them Vitamilk the process will happen faster if you don’t feed the vitamilk the process will happen but you will wait longer. There is no pregnancy period when the cats do the deed the mom gives birth to a box.. prepackaged for storing or selling or birthing! It takes the cats about 30 minutes to be birthed from the box in which case you will have a brand new kitten! The cats will be sold sometime this week but you can go today and check out the brand new sim and see some of the cats yourself!

So I’m going to post the rest of my photos but be sure to join the group too while you are at it and welcome to the world of these gorgeous and fabulous cats.