Happy Holidays!


This outfit was gifted to my by Sophia Harlow (You can check out her blog here: and is from Zenith as a playable gacha at
Kustom 9. She said that this outfit was me, and well it just is. She’s very smart and I’m super thankful for her love and friendship.

If I were to make a holiday greeting card in SL this year, I think this would be it, so why not? This year has been a hard one but I still have many things and people to be thankful for. Here’s to wishing everyone a much better year of happiness and joyful moments with loved ones.

Happy 1 Month Ryleigh!


Dear Ryleigh/Cora,

It’s been an amazing month, and yet I feel like I’ve known you longer. I can’t really explain all that it means to me that you came into my life but I’m glad that you did. As if by magic you appeared.

I just want you know that you are very special to me and I hope that this is the first of many months. Thank you for getting my attention and thank you even more for becoming my kiddo and friend and being an adorable little sister to Syleee!

our home

You made our family complete and our house a home.
You are my princess, starfish, tator-tot, Ry Ry Boo Boo!

Love, Mom.


This is not your typical post!


See the two of them? Just look at how cute they are! Today I’m gonna pack them up in my little car and take them to Summer Camp at camp Hard Knocks! I think that it’s just over a week long and I’m gonna miss my daughter Ryleigh and her adorable girlfriend Ellie (My bebe-in-law).

*Sighs* Even though I will miss them, a week and a half or so of sun, swimming, and camp fun will do them good! Plus I might have a few house parties of my very own while they are gone and my other daughter Syleee is at boarding school.. who’s in?


I walked up the stairs and into Ry’s room to check on the packing progress and found.. while them trying to stuff a bunch of toys into this suitcase. I’m all “Listen – Ry and Ellie you cannot pack your entire room in on suitcase – you gotta take a few things out!” But the little diva’s would not listen to me!


So I told them lets turn this around and the two of you try standing on it and I will try pushing too! But the suitcase wouldn’t budge and they did eventual take one or two toys out so that it would close, and we had a few more things to pack but over all Ry and Ellie were almost ready to go!

We then stopped at the door and decided to strike a pose for the camera cause we are fabulous like that! It was really a lot of fun doing these photos – the poses are modified poses from Heirloom poses and I’m not really gonna do typical credits and stuff but if you want to know where something is from – we can tell you!

I want to thank my daughter Ryleigh and her girlfriend Ellie for posing in the photos and making memories with me, that is what life is all about you know? The memories that you make and yeah! *grabs a tissue* I’m going to miss them both so much while they are away at camp!

Happy Holidays

My sl life has been filled with joy these last several months. I’ve met some amazing people that I now call my friends and family in Second life and those feelings extend to my Real Life too and while I’ve been a bit busy lately, don’t worry I have not forgot about this blog! This is one of the happiest times in my SL world and family, you know who you are and I love you. Thank you all for being there for me and your constant never-ending support.

In the above photo is my daughter that I adopted at Make a Wish adoption agency, Miss Eve Daines.. my Evie. The pose we are using is from Lovely Smiles, a very nice family pose store in world.

I’ve also picked up some cute props and holiday things from What Next. The egg nog set as well as the rug and pillows with tons of poses are sale items this weekend and the winter bike prop is very cute and has three poses. I got them to add a bit of color to my home. I am wearing the brand new hair from Elikatira. Boots from Haberdashery. Jeans from Connors. Sweater from Kyoot and Necklace from Yummy.

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser is an event dedicated to raise awareness and donations to help benefit Japan and the recent tragedies. I was amazed at the amount of items from generous designers to aide in helping out Japan and even more amazed that Glam Affair donated all of this space to house the items, my applause to everyone that brings events like this to second life.

I am wearing items from the event in the pictures in this post and sitting on this cute chair and bookshelf from buttons that is also at the event. I’m wearing the much sought after Pink Fuel skin from the event as well. Its sort of wonderful the amount of designers that have come together I was very touched to see the outpouring of donations, it gives me hope. It also makes me happy that from buying this stuff I am contributing.

Oh this is my newly adopted son in the photo with me.
Say hi to Solar Lyric.

This nice swing set is from tiny spaces also at the event as well as my horns from Statique. The hair is from Magika and only 50L at the event and 100 percent goes to the cause.. and the shirt that I am wearing that says “This girl has love and hope for Japan..” and you know what.. I do.