Juliana is enchanted


The other day I logged on to my platform and I look down and one of my daughters, Juliana was laying on my platform with her blanket and pillow sleeping and I had just gotten this Rainy Day Bench from Alouette for the Neighborhood and I thought it would be cute to put her on it. Well it was so cute, I added some of Anya Ohmai’s fairies from the Arcade and took these two photos.


Mish Mish for Collabor88


So I opened up a bundle of cute this weekend – these fairies from Mish Mish are ones that attach to your shoulder and follow you around and when you click them say things like:

[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): Hey Sylvia Olivier, that tickles!
[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): flutters her wings
[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): giggles


They are really adorable and mesh so you need to be able to see the mesh and they come with a special decoration item. I was super excited about these and so were some of the kiddos in my life! Anyhow you can get them tomorrow when Collabor88 opens up for July!