When I dream..

To start the New Year off right.. Whippet and Buck has made a beautiful lingerie set which can currently be found at Etheria 2. I love this set and to me Whippet and Buck makes beautiful sexy-cute lingerie. I love the vintage looking and feel to this set.

This hair I got is new from Milana.. which is newish to me but it’s quickly my new favorite hair. The bed is from Lisp that I snagged from the Last FLF which was a STEAL at 50L, man I’m going to miss FLF so much. My feet are the Mesh Feet from Slink which I am still in love with!

Etheria 2.. Where Jewelers Dream of Painted Ladies.

Ah. Etheria . I loved it last year. This is round two. It’s an event where a clothing designer pairs up with a jewelry maker and somehow this wondrous thing happens and they create a dream together. A dream that you can wear. Shown in this post are the jewelry creations of Mouse Mimistrobell / Dark Mouse working with Sienia Trevellion, of Lark!

If you look closely you will find beauty that lies within the details of this gown and this jewelry set. For instance what really struck me about this dress was the back panel of delicate black lace and the fluted bustle. With the necklace it was the elaborate back clasp and fine detailing.

Etheria runs from January 1st to January the Eighth. Be sure to visit Etheria and check out the other collaborations.

1. Kesseret Steeplechase / MIAO working with:Sanura Snowpa, Somnia
2. Caroline Apollo / Caroline’s Jewelry working with Anessa Stine, DCNY
3. Lola Heinrichs / Lolapop working with Allegory Malaprop, Schadenfreude
4. Mouse Mimistrobell / Dark Mouse working with Sienia Trevellion, Lark!
5. Squinternet Larnia / Donna Flora working with Giz Seorn, GizzA Creations
6. Liliana Barrs / Undefined Lilies working with Dakota Buck, Whippet & Buck