Some of my favorite blogs and bloggers..

Yesterday, Gogo asked What are your top 10 favorite SL blogs? Honestly I read a lot of blogs but of course we all have our own personal preferences.

This is my list in no particular order and I’ll give a reason for each:

Marleen Vaughan of Coffeesmoke: I love this girl, she is the reason that I even started blogging in SL. She invited me to be a part of Coffeesmoke and I was for almost two years before branching off to my own blog. Her posts are funny, real and non contrived. Her writing is top notch and I’ve laughed out loud many times. Also she started another blog called the Concerned Bloggers Association which is worth a look. She also has a shop called Vaughan’s House of Curiosities which is visionary, quirky and fun.

Caelan Hancroft of Simply Stylish Cae inspires me with her adorable face, curvy body and and well thought out photography. Her outfit combinations are amazing.

Grazia Horwitz of GraziaSL.Com I’ve followed this blog for a long time. Grazia to me is an icon in the SL Fashion community. She makes brilliant and sometimes daring style choices but she is flawless. Everything she picks goes perfectly together.

Strawberry Singh of Berry is awesome sauce. Just look at her blog and you can see why. She is a goddess, untouchable seemingly at first but actually refreshingly down to earth with a very sweet personality. I love her tutorials and windlights.

Luna Jubilee of Luna This is another blog that I’ve followed for a long time. She has the amazing windlights for download too, blogger boot camp tutorials, and she started the very successful 52 weeks of color blogger challenge. Luna is a sweet, funny and wonderful person the times I’ve been lucky enough to talk with her or hang out in world and her blog is a reflection of that.

Gogolita of I love Gogo’s blog because she writes with integrity and she styles herself in some of the most adorable finds from around SL that I probably would not have been aware of without her. I appreciate her blog because she is honest, colorful and juicy like a fresh peach!

It’s only fashion is a collaboration blog of some of the best bloggers in Second life. My favorite being the ever wise and stylish Cajsa Lilliehook mixed with the fun and down to earth mother earth goddessness of Gidge Uriza.. there are many great bloggers on the It’s only fashion blog but I am partial to the both of them and over all it makes for a diverse blog with many tutorials and solid fashion advice.

Annan Adored of Interstyle Fashion. I don’t know her at all aside from finding her on flickr one day but she could be my baby’s momma.. maybe? Seriously her images are gorgeous and I love the way she puts together a photo. Her windlight settings available for download are great too.

Free*Style: I could not make a list like this without including probably the first second life blog that I’ve ever read. Free*Style is my favorite “freebie” blog and mostly like the first that I can remember reading. This blog helped me through my much more noobish days and this blog to me is top quality and worth a read for anyone from the basic new SL user to even the most advanced as there is always something new to learn.

Vaki Zenovka
of Insert Funny name here: She maybe blogs once or twice a month now but when she does its well worth it. Her images are stunning, evocative and eloquent. Her writing to go along with her images is equally as amazing. A very impressive blog, indeed.

Other blogs that I love: Not Quite Pink by Magenta Devinna whom I simply adore, Bouncer Criss of Pixel Phasion 4 Men has a wonderful Mens blog, Lysie Aristocrat of Barbie Does Sl and Lauren Minuet of Flirting with Fashion are all blogs that I love to read as well.

Now this list has variations here and there but don’t get me wrong I appreciate all of the awesome bloggers in SL but these are ones that I’ve chosen because I’ve either followed them for a long time or because I feel there are currently my favorites. So who are yours?

Inspire Challenge – Or where I get really mushy.

When I think about doing the Inspire blogger challenge from posted by Harlow Heslop last week I realize that I can’t just single out one person. Many of you inspire me in different ways whether you know it or not. I’m going to do ten. If you are not here it doesnt mean that I don’t love you but instead of doing just one person I want to kick it up a notch and share the love.

You inspire me in many ways every day whether you know it or not. You will probably hate that I wrote about you but you know that I love you. You are a huge chunk of my SL. When you asked me to blog with you on Coffeesmoke almost two years ago.. I thought “Yeah, right, Me? A blogger? No way.” But really it was just what I needed in SL. In a lot of ways blogging on Coffeesmoke was probably one of the best things that happened to me in SL because that is how I got close to you Marls. In the beginning I asked you for so many tips and advice and you were always so patient with me showing me things and you have always inspired me with just the way that you are. You are so strong and such a beautiful person. You’ve taught me so much and never doubt that your friendship is a gift to me.

The SLuicide Girls.
You all inspire me. When I first saw the blog hit the feed I knew that was something that I wanted to be a part of. I feel part of a family with you girls, less alone. You are all so different and unique and smart and wise and just so wonderful. Yes, I’m talking about all of you. You all have a special place in my heart. I love you all more than I can say and I am so glad to have been welcomed to the blog.

I love the way that you take your photos. You have become one of my best friends here and our talks inspire me and your photos inspire me to want to become a better blogger.

Your blog is amazing, your style is jaw dropping. Your photos are alive, real and exciting. Your writing is top notch and you are so smart and funny too! You inspire me to want to be a better bloger. You are awesome.

You are a beautiful person. I don’t know you as well as I’d like to but I admire you for so many different reasons. The way that you put together your posts are so crisp and professional. You are a class act, for sure.

I’ve been dazzled by your style for quite some time. I wont get all gushy and fan girl about it but I think that you have some of the best photos and styling on the grid.

You inspire me because you are so kind. Your blog seems so fresh and brimming with energy and life. You have this power behind you that is inspiring and motivational. You make people want to take notice and do something!

I love the way that you put together your photos and I love your honesty. I like how you don’t take shit from anyone and give your opinion no matter what. I admire you and I love looking at your blog.

Casja and Gidge
Your friendship inspires me. Having you both on plurk has been wonderful. You both are so different but seem so well matched on your blog. Your posts sometimes touch me and I think that your friendship is beautiful. You are both so talented and lovely.

New on my radar is Chance. He has a blog that I just love. His styling is so nice and unique and he seems to be one of the most friendly people that I’ve met in SL for a long time and he has a lovely lady named Gabby in his life and his romantic spirit inspires me.

In closing,
I’m glad to be a part of this community of bloggers. I’m proud to call some of you friends and happy to admire the rest of you.