There is something devious going on!

If I were you I’d get over to Deviousminds sim right away for a fantabulous hunt that is going on right now where you could win my outfit and pose seen above or have a chance at a bigger prize… if you can find it.

Starting at July 29th, 2011 until August 14th, 2011 at deviousMind sim! you can find hunt items from (*chanimations, !dM deviousMind, Cupcakes & Poetry and Captain’s Quarters. Also noted that somewhere in the Sim there may be a gift card worth 5k if someone has not found it yet.. so I’d hurry on over there if I were you. You can find out much more information at the source blog though right here: http://chanimations.deviousmind.net/ as well as finding out more about the suspects!

In this post I am also wearing skin from Baiastice which is new and pretty – go demo!!! My hair is from exile and these thoses are my well worn Pixel Mode in Baby T’s.


Showdolls! by Poseur

This is one of the nicest poses sets that I’ve seen in awhile. Not only are there ten animations and a stage…and sparkles.. and controlable lights.. the ten poses also come seperate for bonus use in your pose stands. The sparkles are very easy to control you can do so by saying show/hide and the lights you simply just click on. I didn’t have any trouble with this set.. it was very easy to snap a few photos. You also get a cute little strawberry as a prop for your photos.

The textures come out brilliant in the photo and all you do is.. get up there gather some of your favorite props and you can zoom in and click through and it makes posing for photos so much easier. A VERRRRRY adorable set for your blog photos or to take special *wink wink* pics for someone special 🙂 You can check out the Showdolls set on the market place here. You can also check out the inworld store for Poseur at this Slurl.

I will talk a bit more about my clothing in the next post. The Underwear set is from ?why, The skin is brand new skin from Baiastice called Marina for the skin fair opening on sunday. Boots are from Gos, and the stockings are from Sheer. My feathered fans are from Chanimations/deviousBeauty.

Chanimations has a group gift!

You too can now be the queen of hearts with this lovely pose set! Make sure that you are in the Chanimations group to get this Queen of Hearts card pose set and while you are there stop by deviousBeauty and pic up the newest sexy little number called frou frou.. gorgeous enough to start a few fires 🙂 Happy Valentines Day 🙂

The hair that I am wearing is brand new hair from Amacci!

deviousBeauty & Chanimations do Valentines day right.

Outfit: deviousBeauty (@ Chanimations)
Skin: PXL (Linda Generation 3 – Released Sunday Feb. 13th Post coming soon)
Boots: Gos
Pose: MiaMai
Wall Decal: Group Gift from Cheeky Pea

Do you need just the perfect thing for Valentines Day?

I was wandering around in Chanimations today and noticed all these cute things and snapped a few photos hopefully that will inspire you to go and check some of them out. The store is fantastic for props and poses. Chandra Meehan is a creative genius making everything from burlesque items to shibari to cages and feathers, trapeze swings, magic, sexy fruits and whipped cream.. oh my god, there is some fantastic stuff worth checking out.

If you are looking for props to take sexy photos for your lover or just want to make a fancy circus set in your back yard complete with tight ropes and cannonballs.. there is some seriously amazing stuff that when you use it, it never looks dated. The props and costumes are completely timeless and will last you for a long time. I’ve gotten so much use out of the stuff that I have gotten from there.

The sim is worth exploring your deepest and most fantastic desires. Go check them out now.

Oh and also.. these are some of my pics for Valentines Day that I think you will find useful!

Halloween is Almost here!

“This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbours gonna die of
It’s our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween”
lyrics from the nightmare before christmas

 dress-skin-shoes-gloves = new @ plastik, (also has a huge free gift box.)
hair = new @ boon
pose – cigarette new @ chanimations
earrings = alienbear

L.Faunas Gorgeous 50L Friday Item

My advice for your best bet on 50L Friday today… Get down to L. Fauna skins and you get to try her new Lola face in all tones for only 50L.

The only catch is there is a Whippet and Buck Body suit painted on that does not come off but hey its really sexy and for 50L with the chance to preview gorgeous skin.. its not really a catch. Who wouldn’t wear Whippet and Buck anyways? Also have the ability to tint the lips, eyebrows and freckles. Pretty awesome to me 🙂

I have shown a close up of the face and then the body with the painted on Whippet and Buck Body suit, I think its very sexy. You will definately find a use for this and then like me want to go and get an additional skin.. cause she has those too with out the body suit. The rest of the collection comes out next week. I am excited to see what other makeups will come out.

The pose that I am using is from (*chanimations.. who makes the most excellent pose props in SL, just saying. Hair from Truth and Jewels from Mandala. Yay for fridays!

Something whispered to the Moon

 “Do you ever dream of me
Do you ever see the letters that I write
When you look up through the wire
Nikita do you count the stars at night

And if there comes a time
Guns and gates no longer hold you in
And if you’re free to make a choice
Just look towards the west and find a friend” 

Elton John – Nikita 

25 years old and a show girl.  She calls herself Nikita and each night at 7:00 PM she gives one hell of a show.  Performing under thick waxy make up with the high beam lights shining down with the sweat and sheen bouncing off the gleam of the crowd and the wild smell of gun powder in the air.  

 The smells and sighs dripped down to the oohs and aahs.  Her ears ring and her thighs clench with excitement during each show.  She is open like an oyster exposing her succulence being the vulnerable darling of the crowd.  She smiles and flashes her pearly white teeth pressing her lips together making a big puckering kiss and bending snake-like around the carousel horse to peel off her clothing in layers, till she is down to just bare lace and feather.  They tremble watching her seeing the flash of her youth and the gentle pull of her allure.

Nikita makes love to the room touching her skin and giving a smile making the not a single seat dry, all wondering the same thing.. “How bare will she go?” 

But Nikita always goes home alone. 

clothing: Blacklace and chanimations as well as the set and poses.  Hair and skin by Curio.  Shoes by Stiletto Moody.