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I <3 Rouge

I just wanted to post this to hopefully bring awareness to a special event that is happening this weekend. CodeBastard Redgrave (Codie) of Rouge Estates is having an event with several cool designers and DJ’s as you can see above in the poster. If you are wanting to get involved you can contact the very lovely Gidge Uriza.

My personal experience with Rouge, (that is when I do manage to make it out of my skybox) is that its a very friendly place and it is well decorated and the music is always great. I mean I can remember it from my much earlier days of Second Life and it has remained a consistent place and it would be really sad if we as a community just let it go. I mean there are less and less cool places to hang out around the grid and we don’t want to lose another one. So if you have time this weekend please do visit.. listen to some music, donate if you can and shop!

I am going to post what Codie her self said on flickr.. and if you can please repost this so as many people as possible can come and support Rouge. Thank you so much.

It’s been more than 4 years now that I have been running Rouge and it’s estates. It’s been a long, great run. We’ve been luckier than most. Rouge always made it’s tiers essentially from my sales from MechanizedLife products, and donations from most generous patrons.

But the things, they are a changing. I am no longer inworld as much as I was. We do less regular events, but we’re still here. Rouge is still there, by some kind of miracle, like a flagship for memorable parties and gatherings.

It started with a million Lindens, and during the years, tiers ate that reserve completely dry, until we lived pretty much month to month. However, the economy being what it is, I saw a sharp decline in our sales in the last year, but it culminated in the last 2 months, where for the first time since the beginning of this adventure, I had to pay tiers almost entirely out of pocket.

Of course, the economy is what it is. It affected both RL and SL. Thing is, even with all my good will, I cannot afford paying for a private region, which is half of my RL rent, to maintain a giant lady sculpture in a virtual world – as beautiful as she is.

To be honest, there are much more worthy causes. I rather you donate to cancer research, or for a cure to shingles. However, I have a hard time letting Rouge go because of all the memories, but if I have no other choice, I will have to. This said, if we go out the door, we will go with a bang. We won’t go without busting a hole in the grid. We won’t go without a scream, without a fight, and without lots of dry humping.

Rouge has always been your home as well as mine. I always envisioned it as an open society. I always offered the place for free for anyone that wanted to do any kind of event or party. I always refused to charge anything for access, membership, or anything. It never had any business plan. It always aimed to be inclusive to all types of people, no matter who or what you are in real life. I always wanted it to be a safe haven from the chaos of the grid, and from the chaos of life. Something perpetually beautiful and especially something completely out of the ordinary.

I think we delivered. And if you people let us, we will deliver again.

Rouge is also one of the last independent estates in SecondLife that does not belong to a land baron. We are the 99%. We are that red stain on the map that won’t go away. We are the proud underdog.

No matter what happens in the next weeks, I’m eternally grateful. Even if we lose our home, I will always cherish the memories. I will always remember how generous people are. I don’t know what the future has for us, but from the reaction I got, I feel it may be brighter than expected. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

Just in the last week, I was ready to give up the keys, as my balance was completely dry and getting closer to tiers. In matters of days, people like you dropped enough in my mailbox to pay for this next month’s tiers. People have gathered and initiated this special event, I ❤ ROUGE, as an attempt to save it. This alone made me realize that it was all worth it. All this work made some people happy. And that is more I could have ever asked for Rouge.

So, no matter what happens, we will rock the casbah. We will drive the asset servers insane. We will make so much noise the neighbors will hear us and call the e-cops. We will shake it up around the clock until we crumble with exhaustion. We will get so shitfaced we won’t even remember our names. We will live it up, one more time, hopefully not the last time…

We are Rouge. We are one. We won’t go without a bang.

Now, let’s do this.


CodeBastard Redgrave
Rouge Estates

Kittycats @ Project FUR

Project FUR Japan opens today at 9 PM SLT and as you know 100 percent of all proceeds go to help animals in need. I had one of the most squee giving moments in my whole SL yesterday. I am going to sound like an uber dork but I don’t care. Also because I didn’t want the photos huge size.. you can click on them to make them bigger.

I was hanging out on the Project FUR sim last night trying to get a few more photos and Callie Cline of Kittycats came back to finish setting up her booth as I was taking a few photos. Basically I wanted to take a picture with her but was sorta shy about asking, but she offered to take one with me and set up this cute background with the Kittycats. Needless to say I was pretty much fan-girling and excited.

So not only did I get to pose with Miss Callie Cline I was also able to get two of the new kitties that are coming out with Project FUR today. I was lucky enough to get a boy and a girl too!

They are the kittycats with the red accents called hope and 100 percent of the sale of them goes to help the animals of Japan. Also there will be one sold at the main store with gold accents going to help humans in another charity, though I am not sure as to which. The new cats come with some pretty amazing traits like “Porcelian shade” just to name one off the top of my head. The people from Ozimals for the bunny fans out there have set up a special sort of bunny as well.

So if you are obsessed with kittycats as much as I am this is most definately the place for you today. I have to say that I am awe with Callie Cline for coming out with such lovely kitties and in awe of her generous spirit. People like her give me hope for the rest of us. For all things Project FUR please go check out this blog:

Oh, and again just like the last post everything that I have on is from Project FUR except for my boots. This is one occasion where it’s ok to max out your credit card! 🙂

KittyCats for all!

Warning: This post will be sorta image heavy due to the adorable-ness (is that even a word?) to be found at the opening of the KittyCats sims a brand new breedable cat that will claw its way into your hearts!

Ok so where to begin.. I am in the fashion bloggers group that is run by Callie Cline and we recieved a special invitation yesterday to go ahead and look over the sim and get to know the kitties. I have to admit I was super excited as I’ve been in breedables for about a year now and IMO Kittycats are hands down so far the cutest – from when I first saw a photo of them on another blog I really wanted to know more.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by a very kind representative. She was willing and able to answer the questions that I had and made me feel at home. I was able to hold one of the kitties, her name is Sears (later I saw Roebuck roaming around) and I took a few pictures as seen above. Then I was off on my own to explore inside the store. The store itself is sectioned off into three parts. There is a part for accesories, a part for food and a part for the cats and the building that it is set in is breathtaking as well as how they have it set up. This is definately a cat brand for all of you out there into fashion and beauty. They are fashionable cats. The animations in the cats were made by Olive Juice and the build is Barnesworth Anubis.

They didn’t have prices for the food yet but I was able to price the cats which are very competitive with other brands, and personally I woudnt mind paying a bit more if it were priced a bit more seeing how adorable they are.

The cats are sold as:
single 298 plus food for one week.
pair 599 plus food for one week.
two pairs 1500L plus food and milk for two weeks.
five pairs of kitties plus food and milk for two weeks.

Another interesting thing that I found out is that you can purchase collars for the cats. This is the first breedable cat that I have heard of that you can get accessories for them. Also these cats also have some type of kit that you can get that will make them permanent pets if you don’t want to pay the cost of upkeep (food etc) you can make them into just a regular non breedable pet. Which is an innovation in my opinion to the world of breedables. The accesories that you can purchase for the cats are stylish and will fit any home decor as well as being reasonably priced.

I did happen to ask about the breeding and kittens become adult cats at age 7 in which they will start to gain love. If you feed them Vitamilk the process will happen faster if you don’t feed the vitamilk the process will happen but you will wait longer. There is no pregnancy period when the cats do the deed the mom gives birth to a box.. prepackaged for storing or selling or birthing! It takes the cats about 30 minutes to be birthed from the box in which case you will have a brand new kitten! The cats will be sold sometime this week but you can go today and check out the brand new sim and see some of the cats yourself!

So I’m going to post the rest of my photos but be sure to join the group too while you are at it and welcome to the world of these gorgeous and fabulous cats.