It’s Britney, Bitch!


Showing these bears from BoOgEr’s again because we have a new computer in the house and unknown to me I can get materials on it and so I didn’t know that Zen’s bears had them until he told me and I went and looked for myself. Thank you Zen for inspiring me to try out Materials for the first time! I am also showing Pizza’s Farmers Market Berets that are also coming to the Arcade.

I set this photo up in Alouette’s Arcade items and I plan on do a full post on that soon but for some reason it just seemed fitting to set up there bears there after I stretched everything out rather large.

Another thing that has materials is this outfit from ColdLogic. They are having a contest right now and have a free dress that you can get as well as a 50% off sale. More Info on the contest is here..

My pose is from Infiniti Poses, my shoes are from Gos Boutique, my hair is from Tram, and my skin is Sylvia from Glam Affair.

BoOgErS Bears for the Arcade!


Bears! Bears! Bears.. adorable bears from BoOgErS are coming soon next Saturday as an exclusive to the Arcade on March 1st! Thats, right you will have a month to collect these bears because they will never be sold outside of the Arcade!


The bears have three poses that you can cycle through. You can wear them and touch them to go through the three different animations. My favorite is the hug one.. cause who doesn’t want a cute bear to hug!?!


Everything in this room except for me are some of the cool things that BoOger’s also makes. This bedroom set you can get at Collabor88 for the Supernova round and some of the toys I don’t think you can get anymore are from the last Arcade, but the toy box you can get at the BoOger’s main store.

BoOger’s is a super cool store for kids and kids at heart. I think these bears tell great stories and even make good gifts due to the fact that they will be transfer.


The types of bears to be won are: Violet Flower Bear, Dead bear, Elle Elerphant Bear, Geronimo Bear, GoZEEra Bear, Henry Munky Bear, Jim Mouse Bear, Pink Bunneh Bear, Puddin’ Bear Rare, Sophia Puggeh Bear, White Wabbit Bear, XO Bear Rare, Ya Bettah Werk Bear Rare and Yellow Flower Bear.


Can’t wait to go to the Arcade!

All Aboard the Cocoa Express from Lark!


I’ve always wanted a train set just like this in any life and well now I have it. Thank you Lark!

The large track fits perfectly under the new Laq Decor Christmas Tree – which is what I’m using and it’s just adorable! I was able to fit the small track under the Apple Fall Christmas tree at the Arcade.


I copied the specs from the flickr picture shown here:

Now @ The Liaison Collaborative.

Large Train: 5 LI
Large Track & Controller: 17 LI (Size: 3.29 x 3.29)
Total: 22 LI

Small Train: 5 LI
Small Train & Controller: 5 LI (Size: 2.05 x 2.05)
Total: 10 LI

Winter Landscape (*fits small train track only): 2 LI (Size: roughly 2.75 x 3.55 x 0.8)
*Both track sizes should fit most Christmas trees in SL.


I have a few various toys under tree as well from Boogers at the Arcade.


Naughty or Nice?


The Arcade is happening on Sunday December the 1st! Will you be naughty or nice? Will you spend spend spend? or will you keep to a budget? Me? I was pretty damn naughty but there are a lot of good things to be gotten!

These bears from Boogers – made my photo.. they are 75L a pop and they are super cute. Zen did a great job on these even though he with holds cheesecake. *sad face* This hair is from Wasabi Pills at 50L each, and this navy blue coat is from Elate! at 75L each.

Not even gonna tell you how much I spent but you should start pinterest-ing or making a list of the things that you want! Here is your guide: