Poison Love – Poinsettia Edition from Blacklace


The other day I got a fun new opportunity in Second Life. I was asked to model for Blacklace and the lovely Kirsty Lane took my photo for an ad. While she was taking her photo, I was taking this one, just a quick snap to show off this pretty new Lingerie from Blacklace which is in stores now!

New for Christmas, 2 new fabrics for Poison Love. Poinsettia and Candy Cane. (I’m wearing Poinsettia) Appliers for Omega/SLink Physique are included plus SLink/Gos stockings. TMP appliers are also available separately. You can also get what I’m wearing on the MP:

I’m also wearing hair from Truth, Jewelry from Cae at Fit for a Princess and skin from Glam Affair – Sia II at Uber. The tree in the background as well as the deer is from Dust Bunny. The couch is from 8f8. Both are available at the Arcade.


Easy like Sunday morning


The Men’s Dept. is in full swing and this pose is from oOo Studios. I am always glad when oOo Studios releases a new pose for the Men’s Dept. I like them lots.


Case is wearing (from the Men’s Dept.) shoes by David Heather, pants by Gabriel, a coat by Tee*fy and ears from Aitui. Case’s hair is from Mina at Chapter Four, and his skin is from Tableau Vivant.


Sylvia is wearing new stuff from the Xiasumi School festival. The hair is from Wasabi Pills and the outfit is from Monso. The shoes are from Nardcotix and the nylons are from Blacklace.

You give me fever


Baiastice has released some smoking red-hot lingerie sets just in time for Valentines day! I can’t really choose a favorite so I got a few and the mesh fits so lovely.


In these photos the first hair is from Dela, and the other hairs are from Truth. The skin is Glam Affair’s Sylvia and the shoes are the Samantha shoes from Gos Boutique and in the first picture I am wearing Blacklace Stockings with appliers with my Gos Boutique shoes, perfect!


My poses are from oOoStudios and Exposeur.

Coming Soon: Angelica by Glam Affair & New Hair from Tableau Viviant


Comming soon, Glam Affair will re-open as will Tableau Viviant on a brand new sim and these are some of the wonderful things to come.

I spent most of this morning taking photos trying to give a good idea of the hair/skin tones/color variations and I don’t think that I’ve ever taken more pictures for a post but I’m super excited to see the new location! K





Hair – Tableau Viviant (coming soon)
Skin – Glam Affair Angelica (coming soon)
Necklace – Mandala
Lingerie – Blacklace (it’ was 99L for a sale so go grab it while you can!)
Poses: Izzies
Eyes: Ikon

Lovely Rita is a Pinup Grrl

Once again, this is not my shape but a brand new shape from (Amperlope) when I saw this one I wanted to dress her up in a newer lingerie set from Blacklace called Frenchie. I think it goes well with the Black Pearl Curio Skin and the Sileny pigtail braids from Truth.

Anyhow, I’m loving the (Amperlope) shapes.. it is a fun challenge to think outside of my main shape by roadtesting these on skins that I do not normally wear. It is interesting to see and as I’ve said in my previous post I think (Amperlope) shapes are very well proportioned and I totally dig the lips on this one. If you need a makeover I’d suggest checking (Amperlope) for a brand spanking new shape.


Talk—half-talk, phrases that had no need to be finished, abstractions, Chinese bells played on with cotton-tipped sticks, mock orange blossoms painted on porcelain. The muffled, close, half-talk of soft-fleshed women. ” Anais Nin

Baiastice’s Newest Skin Line Release Pulchura in Sunkissed w/hairbase No. 25.

I Love Olive is having a Summer sale.. a pack of 4 was only 90L!

Blacklace is having a half off gift card sale until August 1st.

LostAngel Industries.. Smoking hot Poses. First Purchase and I know there will be more!

Something whispered to the Moon

 “Do you ever dream of me
Do you ever see the letters that I write
When you look up through the wire
Nikita do you count the stars at night

And if there comes a time
Guns and gates no longer hold you in
And if you’re free to make a choice
Just look towards the west and find a friend” 

Elton John – Nikita 

25 years old and a show girl.  She calls herself Nikita and each night at 7:00 PM she gives one hell of a show.  Performing under thick waxy make up with the high beam lights shining down with the sweat and sheen bouncing off the gleam of the crowd and the wild smell of gun powder in the air.  

 The smells and sighs dripped down to the oohs and aahs.  Her ears ring and her thighs clench with excitement during each show.  She is open like an oyster exposing her succulence being the vulnerable darling of the crowd.  She smiles and flashes her pearly white teeth pressing her lips together making a big puckering kiss and bending snake-like around the carousel horse to peel off her clothing in layers, till she is down to just bare lace and feather.  They tremble watching her seeing the flash of her youth and the gentle pull of her allure.

Nikita makes love to the room touching her skin and giving a smile making the not a single seat dry, all wondering the same thing.. “How bare will she go?” 

But Nikita always goes home alone. 

clothing: Blacklace and chanimations as well as the set and poses.  Hair and skin by Curio.  Shoes by Stiletto Moody.