500th Post

Little Birds

This is my 500th Post!!

There is nothing more that I love than opening a book, spreading out the pages under my fingers while cradling it close and letting my imagination run wild. So when me Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie sent me this little book with Anais Nin on the cover who is one of my favorite writers of erotica I knew.. that I had to look up some of my favorite stories from Little Birds by Anais Nin and snap a few photos.

When I was younger and untouched I had found the stories of Anais Nin through a friend of mine and well lets just say it helped in my sexual awakening. If you have not seen the movie “Henry and June” or have not read any of Anais Nin’s books I would suggest you go out and do so right away. Anais Nin’s writing is lush and sensual.. and well inspiring..

“My hands travel upwards to her heavy breasts, caress them. She begins to moan a little. Now her hands travel downwards and join mine in caressing her own sex. She likes to be touched at the mouth of her sex, below the clitoris. She touches the place with me….”

From the Story “Mandra” as found in Anais Nin’s Little Birds found in it’s entire text here: http://woolgathering.kouaa-blog.com/post/4885/38012

Erotic Reader: Dutchie
Lingerie: Redgrave
Feet: Slink
Hair: Elikatira