Bellah Travels to Petite Bowtique!

bellah copy

It’s not very often that I’m on my “little” but every so often the mood strikes me and I want to dress her up! I went over to my daughter Ryleigh’s store Petite Bowtique and found most of the outfit below.

bellah2 copy

Petite Bowtique is very well set up and organized and all of these pieces were separates which I thought was pretty cool because I was able to pick up exactly what I wanted to wear and the prices were very reasonable, and certainly better priced than adult clothing. Plus, I had a lot of fun!

There are so many cute little accessories and things that you can get for a child avatar too. I got this necklace from Mommy and Me boutique quite some time ago but it is one of my favorites and this pose from the Heritage Gacha festival from one of my favorite family pose places: .click

For me its a lot of fun and if you are a regular child avatar or just someone that plays dress up like me I’d check out Petite Bowtique and The Heritage Gacha Gardens.

My Mid Summer Dreams


Really, really loving this round at Collabor88. I found a lot of cute things to put this post together that can be gotten from there. The hair is from D!va, the skin is from Glam Affair in Lulu, and the necklace is from Noodles. I just saw these three things and they just seemed to go so well together.

The outfit that I’m wearing in this post is from Tee*fy and its perfectly feminine, light and airy! I love it!


This tree bed is from which is also at Collabor88 and it is one of my favorite furniture items right now. The sit poses in it are really cute and I tried to show them well in a few photos. Get your butts over to Collabor88 and see the new pretties!



summer3 copy

Dutchie’s Vintage Bathroom


A little while ago Dutchie released this beautiful vintage bathroom set that is mesh and low prim and comes in PG, Adult and BDSM.

I would recommend taking a trip to the Dutchie store in world and getting a closer look at it as the beauty of this set really does speak for itself. The animations are smooth and intimate and there are several options from bathing solo to couples poses.

You could really make your own steamy love story! I took a few photos (with my Malt – lol) but there are many more possibilities and they are really fun to try for yourself. I’m in love with Dutchie’s products, nothing else in SL to me makes “playtime” more dignified or intimate.








Mish Mish for Collabor88


So I opened up a bundle of cute this weekend – these fairies from Mish Mish are ones that attach to your shoulder and follow you around and when you click them say things like:

[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): Hey Sylvia Olivier, that tickles!
[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): flutters her wings
[17:04] *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink): giggles


They are really adorable and mesh so you need to be able to see the mesh and they come with a special decoration item. I was super excited about these and so were some of the kiddos in my life! Anyhow you can get them tomorrow when Collabor88 opens up for July!


pr21 copy

This is just a colorful mix of things that I wanted to put together.. I wasn’t sure where it was going but I like the results. This jewelry set is from Kunglers and I kinda fell in love. I love jewelry with bugs and flowers like this so I kinda went crazy for it when I first saw it. Primavera, it means spring.


This mesh outfit is from a new to me brand called Mutresse. I really like the hud that comes with it and it has so many options for the color parts that you can change and the mesh fits really well. I am so glad I picked this outfit up. I think its very chic and stylish.


The skin and make up are a mix of Glam Affair lipstick layers/eyeliners and the Cleo Skin along with various freckle layers. Glam Affair is my default skin and I switch between Cleo, Margot and Amberly. My eyes are from Ikon and the poses are from Del May. My shoes are from Gos Boutique.

Mid Summer Nights at Collabor88 begins soon!


Tomorrow Collabor88 starts a new round and the theme for the month of July is “Mid Summer Night”. I’m very excited about this round and have seen a few things so far that I love. Two of them are in this post! This bed from Tableau Viviant and this dress from Decoy.

ms2 copy

I look forward to Collabor88 every month and always love the things that come from it. I think next month Collabor88 will turn two years old! I look forward to seeing what else comes about this round – and I especially like the theme. The best time I’ve found to go to Collabor88 when it first opens is early morning, there are still many people but I’ve found that to be the easiest time!


This is not your typical post!


See the two of them? Just look at how cute they are! Today I’m gonna pack them up in my little car and take them to Summer Camp at camp Hard Knocks! I think that it’s just over a week long and I’m gonna miss my daughter Ryleigh and her adorable girlfriend Ellie (My bebe-in-law).

*Sighs* Even though I will miss them, a week and a half or so of sun, swimming, and camp fun will do them good! Plus I might have a few house parties of my very own while they are gone and my other daughter Syleee is at boarding school.. who’s in?


I walked up the stairs and into Ry’s room to check on the packing progress and found.. while them trying to stuff a bunch of toys into this suitcase. I’m all “Listen – Ry and Ellie you cannot pack your entire room in on suitcase – you gotta take a few things out!” But the little diva’s would not listen to me!


So I told them lets turn this around and the two of you try standing on it and I will try pushing too! But the suitcase wouldn’t budge and they did eventual take one or two toys out so that it would close, and we had a few more things to pack but over all Ry and Ellie were almost ready to go!

We then stopped at the door and decided to strike a pose for the camera cause we are fabulous like that! It was really a lot of fun doing these photos – the poses are modified poses from Heirloom poses and I’m not really gonna do typical credits and stuff but if you want to know where something is from – we can tell you!

I want to thank my daughter Ryleigh and her girlfriend Ellie for posing in the photos and making memories with me, that is what life is all about you know? The memories that you make and yeah! *grabs a tissue* I’m going to miss them both so much while they are away at camp!

Blame the booty!


Ok, I just gotta get it out of the way and say that I love this new bikini from Zaara! I like the way it accentuates the butt and how shimmery the texture is and yeah – it’s a totally awesome mesh bikini. It provides pretty fair coverage too I think.


I’m also wearing a slightly new to me skin from Essences, and over all I am seeing real promise with their skins but my heart belongs to Glam Affair. I tweaked my shape a bit and stuff for it but decided that while its not quite for me I still think it is an awesome skin. I do love pale skins and the tone of this is gorgeous. My poses are from Exposeur and my eyes are from Ikon.

Bazar @ the Home Show


I just wanted to take a few photos of this really cute new furniture at the Home Show from Bazar which is all a part of the Toronto set and not only is it pretty low in prim it has cute extras. I have this set but Caelan Hancroft set it up so much prettier- this is actually her skybox!

You can check out the home show but taking this Slurl: