The Garden – Area 51 – Pretense Poses


The Liaison Collaborative has just opened a new round for the Poser Pavilion at the Garden and the lovely Gidge Uriza of Pretense poses has sent me her Area 51 Shadow Box! This is really cool.

When I got in the box and posed myself, I went to turn on the shadows and found this cool design/projection type thing and I really liked the effect. You can change the colors by clicking the sides to either Yellow, Pink or the Silver that I’m showing now and it features 11 poses. I like this a lot and think that the shadow projection thing going on is really cool!


I’m wearing: Hair from Truth which is newer called Lyma. A new shirt from Sn@tch, shorts from Mon Tissu and the new shoes from Gos Boutique called Paris. My skin is from Pink Fuel and is called Harley.

{Petite Bowtique} makes pretty flannels for fall!


Fall is coming and for me that means pulling out my old favorite soft and worn flannel shirts!

My daughter Ryleigh of {Petite Bowtique} made these cute mesh shirts for the whole family.

I saw her wearing one and I was like you are gonna make those for Mommy to wear too, right? She was like yep and she thought it would be a cute idea to wear them and take a photo together as a family and I cannot say no to that adorable little face! So troops were wrangled in and we found a cute pose from .click. and there you go an adorable Autumn photo and we all match!


Girls: {Petite Bowtique} Pink Plaid Shirts
Boys: {Petite Bowtique} Yellow Plaid Shirts

All Hair from Exile

Together by .click.
Trees: LAQ

Can you keep a secret? (The Writers Block – Chapter Two)


Can you keep a secret?
I’ve always been a secret keeper, you could say that I’m a connoisseur of secrets. I love words, I love the way they collect at the helm of my tongue just waiting for the slip. However, I always take a breath and I hold it in. I hold it in because some secrets are not mine to tell. Some secrets I even defend whether it’s true or not it doesn’t matter I like the story within.


My favorite secrets are the the ones that I keep close to my heart.

I could tell you about the time that I had that unplanned kiss many years ago. I was in her car, it was raining out and we had the best time without even trying. We went to see a movie but neither one of us could get in because we had forgotten our ID so we went to Denny’s.

We both had just broken up with someone and she was straight and I swear it was the rain but an unfinished sentence led to our lips meeting and sending sparks. I could almost see one as the lightning illuminated her car. She looked slightly taken by surprise and gave me a shy smile and I only paused for a moment before I kissed her again.

The rain strummed on the roof prefacing the guitar to Echo and The Bunnymen’s version of “People are Strange..”.
We kissed until we were out of breath and she started to tell me something about how she didn’t mean for that to happen and then I didn’t know what to do so I got out of the car and stood in the rain.

I half hoped that she would get out with me but she started to drive away and I went and stood on my porch, half hoping she would change her mind and come back. I had hoped that something would happen from it but she went away to college after that Summer and so did I.


Every now and then I think about her and I will go out and stand in the rain letting the memory of that night replay and my lips curl up into a smile.

What I’m Wearing:
Secret Store @ Collabor88 Dress
New Truth Hair
Tiara from Cae @ Collabor88
New Shoes from Gospel Voom – Paris
Poses from !bang

Sim: PinkSpider

It’s a home and it’s ours


This month with Collabor88 having a big birthday round I saw this house from Barnesworth Anubis and knew that it had to be our new home. I’m not completely done with the outside or the inside but tonight I took some pretty photos of what I’ve put out so far. The green house that you see is from Vespertine (also at Collabor88) and all of the veggies and flowers are from DDD which has amazing plants and veggies and things for very low prims – I love buying their mesh fruits and veggies for my garden!

The alien playset that you see is from Lark and is adorable (and low in prim for all you get) and you can get that at Liaison Collaborative along with some really other cool things this round! Very fun stuff! If I didn’t mention anything – feel free to comment and ask and I’ll tell you where its from.









Atelier Kreslo Ice Cream Festival!


Atelier Kreslo is having an Ice Cream Festival and you are all invited! The cone that I am Holding is made by Octagons Yazimoto and is called Pizzy’s Beary Cone and I love anything with bears so this was my first choice but I plan to go collect as many ice creams as I can and they are only 35L a piece. This event would be great for the young or the young at heart!

Seraphim did great coverage of the event here:

I am also pleased to say that TDR has a great round and I am wearing something new from Fishy Strawberry! I am so happy that they are back and I looked forward to seeing more mesh from them. I love this outfit. My pose is new from !Bang – who just released a slew of fantastic poses and my hair is newish from Truth which I thought went perfect with what I was wearing.

My house in the back ground is the newest one from Barnesworth Anubis and I will have pictures of it soon but if you haven’t already seen it go to Collabor88 and check it out!

Paper Couture – Fall 13′




I’ve worked on taking pictures of this dress most of my day today. I just couldn’t get the right shot at first. It was suggested to me to go to the Worlds End Garden, somewhere I’d never actually been before and that is where I got my shots of this lovely necklace, head piece and dress from the Lu sisters of Paper Couture.

You see, I’ve loved Paper Couture ever since I remember them coming out I believe it was 07 – I’ve always thought this was a special take on Second Life fashion, and If I were getting married in SL this is what I’d wear. I took too many photos but I was inspired. I wish I could by all the dresses and jewels and it took me a half hour just to pick out these and I am very pleased.

If you want a taste of something special in SL go check out Paper Couture:






New from Petite Bowtique @ Limited 50


My Ryleigh made a really cute set for toddleedo’s and kids which is a play-set baby-doll nursery which is for sale at Limited 50 for only 249L and the entire set (rocking chair, changing table, waste basket and crib) are only 26 prims combined!


This set is adorable and would make a wonderful addition to any childs room, so if you were thinking of a special gift to surprise your kiddo with this would be perfect! Teleport here:

Crafty Sunday Afternoon’s spell L-O-V-E!


It was a typical Sunday and Ryleigh and I were looking for something to do. I had seen something on SLPinteresting – on one of the boards of arts and crafts that you can do with your child and I thought that it would be fun to try, plus we both love the excuse to get out the paint. This was not a thing to do indoors so we went into the greenhouse – which is new from Vespertine at Collabor88.


I put out some old newspapers, and she watched me sitting on the table wondering what I was planning giggling when I used the paint brush to paint my hand! She watched as I first painted the Letter L and she is very smart so she recognized the letter right away. After I did that I put my hand down on to the red paper. She sounded out the L and smiled when I told her that she got it right and then I picked her up and put her in the chair.


I said give me those piggies! She laved and shook her head no but smiled really big when I explained that I was going to paint her feet! I told her that we were going to spelling out the word love with my hand as the O and her feet to make the V and she wiggled her toes and giggled and as I painted her feet, it was pretty ticklish!


I picked her up as not to get the paint everywhere and helped her step on to the paper to make her foot prints form a V holding her hands up to give her balance. She pressed her feet on the paper and made a perfect V! I painted the E in after that and we stepped back for a moment to look at our work.


The craft had turned out adorable and we decided to find a place for it in the house. But first we wanted a snapshot of ourselves – to show off our little project! After the paint dries we will find a place for it in our new home!

I am wearing – A white mesh tank top from Decoy at Collabor88 along with a pendant from Noodles – the Millie Rose pendant is also available right now at August’s Collabor88. I’m also wearing jeans from Maitreya, my hair is older E! hair.

The gardening set in the back ground you can get at the Dream Garden from Petite Bowtique.

The outfit that Ryleigh is wearing from Baby Pie is from Limited 50 along with the pose set from .click that we used but those are all sold out but you can still find some really nice limited edition items if you teleport to the Limited 50 event going on here:

Collabor88 Glam


I will say it again, I am absolutely loving this round of Collabor88! This skin from Essences is so pretty, as well as this hair from Lamb and dress from Tres Blah. I even got Slink feet to wear some of the shoes this round because they are fab.. these shoes are from Ingenue!


If you have not been shopping yet, don’t worry you still have time!
Happy Birthday, Collabor88!

Collabor88 Razzle Dazzles us!


This is probably my favorite round ever of Collabor88, why you ask? Because its the Fantabulous birthday round and there are around 70 designers – this includes guests, people from the past and its just unbelievable the quality that is put into this and how it all came together. I’m in awe. Happy 2nd Birthday Collabor88!


Just about everything that I’m wearing is from Collabor88 – My hair and flapper dress are from Tee*fy and Laviere. My skin is the Katya skin from Glam Affair. My poses are from Exposeur – the set is called Young and Beautiful and I think they are very spirited!

My shoes are from, my beautiful sparkling jewelry is from Cae – and I did not include the Tiara!!! this post but I will in another soon, and I just feel so pretty! Pretty as a Peacock! The peacocks are from MishMish, btw. They danced with me.



The furniture in the room is all from Collabor88 too, you can find stuff from the Loft, Bacalava!, Alouette, and Contraption – in this photo alone. You have to go, you have to see and you simply must buy all the things! You can do so by teleporting here: