Day: July 12, 2016

The Laq Mesh Head = Trinity


Several months ago, Laq put a teaser on flickr for a mesh head and I couldn’t wait to see it in world. Laq has been a store that I’ve really loved in Second Life almost since I’ve started Second Life so I was super excited to what they made!

I’m just going to talk about some of the thoughts that I had about this head while wearing it. Above anything I say, please go and demo this head and play around with it for yourself. You can check out the head in world here:

The hud is beautiful. I like how there are options for hairbases, eyebrows, makeups, etc. On different pages there are slots to save favorite looks, and expression that the head offers.

The front facing head has very delicate and feminine features. I like the variety of make ups on the hud. I love that Laq has released all of these omega friendly skins too. If you wore one of the skins, like Pearl – you can now see how it looks either on your Laq Mesh head or a different head all together as long as you have the omega hud for your head.

A few things that I think needed improvement on the head are:
The profile to me looked sharp and unfinished, lacking in detail. I did have a bit of a problem fitting my favorite hairs on the head. Some mesh heads let you adjust some of the head slides because of this but with the Laq head I could not. The built in hairbases for this head are really nice though.

I would love to see more heads from Laq though. However, I would love to see more expression, a head that is better adjustable for rigged mesh hair, the option to turn the freckles on and off and a more refined profile. That being said, I think long time fans of Laq will be super pleased with this release as well as those just discovering Laq. I can wait to see what the future hold!