Lelutka Mesh Head Update

PicMonkey Collage

Hi there! I just wanted to do a brief post about the Lelutka head update. The updates are now in store, you just find the redelivery terminal and resend the head to yourself. If your head was a gift though as a few of mine were – they are not there for redelievery, I’m not sure how you get those.

The updates are nice, but I still feel that the range of expressions do not compare to say the LOGO head, which has three different huds for expressions. In the new updates for Lelutka there are three different eye positions, one of which is new. There are four different positions now for eyebrows. There are also seven different mouth positions, five of which are new. It is nicely set out in the new hud though, you can pick individually what you like.

I’m wearing the Stella head with Lara Hurley appliers. I’m wearing lip appliers from Deetalez. New hair from Lelutka in Echo. A new shirt from Blueberry called Ashley at the Mesh Addicts body fair. All of my jewelry is from Yummy.


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