Month: September 2015

GEN-Neutral Designer Hunt


As the busy season for everyone is coming around surprisingly fast, we figured we would get organised!
November and December rounds of GEN-Neutral designer applications are now open! Just pick the appropriate month or months you wish to apply to!
(Event runs 12th-26th each month)



We still have October open as well until October 5th:

Staring at the sea


I was very excited to hear about the Sylvia yoga shorts from Blueberry because I really liked the Sylvia Yoga Pants. These fit my avatar like a glove and Blueberry does the most perfect butt.

Also, if you are walking around Shiny Shabby do check out this pretty hair by elua.

What I’m wearing
+elua+ Zephne @ Shiny Shabby
Addams // Sophia Tank Top //
Blueberry – Sylvia Shorts – Soon
Pose – Del May
Location: Baja Bay

I’m through bleeding for you


Hey, it’s Monday and I don’t have much to say. But this month Shiny Shabby is looking pretty cool so go forth and shop!

What I’m wearing
Hair: Burley – Octavia
Pose: Infiniti
Harness “Oakley” from ieQED @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: Essenz @ Shiny Shabby

Couch, lights, table, rug and vases: The Loft and Aria at Collabor88
Other furniture: Soy @ Collabor88
Curtains: Cinphul
Skybox: Haikei Rare at Kustom 9

There is always something there to remind me of you


Shiny Shabby will be opening soon and this little bomber jacket from COCO is perfect for me. It even comes with or without a shirt and a few different colors.

There is also a pose hud from Bounce This Poses at GEN Neutral that is worth getting. It is a hud with several packs of poses in it. You just attach it and it cycles through and I believe it was really inexpensive to buy and all the poses are worth it. The septum ring from Cae is also at GEN Neutral.

What I’m Wearing:
(Chemistry) Hair – Amelia
*COCO*_Cropped Bomber Jacket(Black)+Shirt @Shiny Shabby
Bounce This Poses – Mega Pose Pack @ GEN Neutral
Cae :: Septum :: Basic 5 @ GEN Neutral
Vinyl – Oakley Jeans With Belt
[Buzzeri] Duo Eyes – Forrest



Truth has been making some really pretty hair styles, and I really like this one called Josette that is newer at his Mainstore. It’s long and very feminine.

I’m also wearing a newer necklace from Cae called Transcend – that is at this Month’s Fameshed. It comes with so many options that you can get several different necklaces out of this one. My Explore shirt is from Addams at this month’s Uber.

Not much time left


Not much time left to get to Uber, that is! This round that featured athletic items will be over soon. I had just remembered that I took this photo before my finals had started and I’m just getting to blog it now.

Better late than never though, right?

I’m wearing the skin and outfit from The Wrigglesworth’s Residence, this is quite a fun skin and outfit for being someone who is more mature in sl. I’m using my own shape with this too so it was interesting to see what Sylvia might looked like aged. I’m also wearing the Lexus hair from Wasabi Pills that is available at this round of Uber as well.

In the background from this round you can see the treadmill from N4RS, and the lockers from Junk. Hurry up though and get over to Uber before a new round starts!

Season of the witch


“When I looked out my window
Many sights to see
And when I looked in my window
So many different people to be
That is strange, so strange
You got to pick out every stitch
Must be the season of the witch..”

Season of the Witch by Donovan

Big Beautiful Doll – Margeaux Lingerie
*BOOM* Precious Bow Collar – pitch
*MUKA* Burlesque Bow
REIGN.- Bow Pumps (M-High)- Black
[Atomic] Hair // LittleCoven // @ Collabor88
Half Deer – Raven @ Collabor88

Furnishings & etc.
flowey x Teawood / Tarot Cards, Ritual Candle, Potion Bottles, Love potion, matches and Crystal Ball @ Collabor88
DRD – Wiccan Pentagram @ Arcade
aisling roses and pentagrams (DIY Love Potion) @ Arcade
keke star glitter and moon
cinphul moon curtains and candle sticks
HAIKEI Rare Skybox at Kustom 9

My little kitchen


The Arcade is mid-way through, so if there is something that you are wanting – now is a great time to go! I’m using pieces here from the Sari-Sari set, the Second Spaces set, the Razzberry set and the polka-dot fridge is from Pizza. The house in the photo is from Scarlet Creative. All of this you can get at the Arcade!

The rest of the kitchen set is from Dust Bunny.


GEN-Neutral finds


Hey! GEN-Neutral has taken off well and I’ve just decided to do a post featuring some items from the event. My favorite thing in this picture is the Chaise and canvas by Junk. So be sure to come check it out at GEN-Neutral which runs until the 26th!

Moon Elixir Tassel Necklace @ GEN-Neutral
KOKOLORES- Val Hair @ GEN-Neutral
JD & Miss Chelsea – JP’s Jacket @ GEN-Neutral
Blueberry – Tucked in boots jeans
Monso – My combat boots.

Junk: Drew Chaise and Canvas @ GEN-Neutral
Pose with stool by oOoStudios @ GEN-Neutral
Wall and pictures frames by Pilot @ GEN-Neutral

Sick of it all


Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.
Dorothy Parker

I took a picture last night with this cool set from Antielle:
Eyes: Antielle – Allergic Eyes – Blue and the Skin Marks: Antielle – Sicky – Tired Eyes & Sensitive Skin (@ Gen-Neutral) I’m also wearing a previous Gacha Tattoo on my chest from Antielle.