So I just wanted to briefly touch on something that I’m working on with one of my very good friends Tinker Hax to bring to the grid this September. If you can, I’d love if more people could help us get the word out there! We are still looking for more designers, and soon we will be opening up blogger apps.

Some of our confirmed designers include:
Apple Fall, Junk., HOWL, Culprit, Kuro, Katat0nik, LUXE, Wimey!, Antielle, Cae, Flowey, oOo Studios, !Bang, and more! Join us today! We have designer apps open till August 6th or so.

So what is GEN-Neutral?

GEN-Neutral is an event designed to serve the purpose of outfitting gender non-conformists with high quality options from some of the best designers on the grid.

We would like to feature items that can be used fluidly with any gender identity.

A curated collection of home, clothing, poses, skins, hair, shoes, accessories and tattoo’s; simply to encourage more choices for people that wish to follow their own style.

Stay up to date and in the know and please BE OUR FRAND! šŸ˜€



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