More Cutie Moon Fair!


More stuff from Cutie Moon which opens on April 1st!

My skin is the Brandi Skin from Glam Affair.. on which I will be doing a more in depth review soon!

Look how adorable these poses are from Flowey! Look at this cute kitty cat from Alchemy & .Birdy.. and the wand from the Sugar Garden that is much better in person because it has buttons!

There are some amazing items coming. One thing I should note about the dress from Violent Seduction is that it IS fitted mesh and if you try to wear it on a viewer that is not updated – the newest Firestorm or SL viewer you will crash, repeatedly so please make sure that you viewer is updated.

Cat: Alchemy & .Birdy
Wand: The Sugar Garden
Poses: Flowey
Outfit: Violent Seduction

Hair: Magika
Shoes: Gos Boutique

What is Cutie Moon?

About Cutie Moon:
° °◦ ★Sailor Moon☽ fans rejoice!★◦° °
On April 1st, the Cutie Moon Fair will open its doors to the public.

Over 30 of the grid’s ♡cutest♡ brands will offer Sailor Moon inspired items for all of you galactic princesses out there.

The Cutie Moon Fair will last 2 weeks when it opens on April 1st and run through April 15th.

The Participating stores for Cutie Moon are as follows:
❂Apple Fall
❂Fashionably Dead
❂Glam Affair
❂Intrigue Co.
❂Mish Mish
❂Snips & Snails
❂Tableau Vivant
❂The Secret Store
❂The Sugar Garden
❂Violent seduction
❂Wasabi Pills

You can also find out more about Cutie Moon here:

.:Lana Dress:.

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