Day: February 22, 2014

BoOgErS Bears for the Arcade!


Bears! Bears! Bears.. adorable bears from BoOgErS are coming soon next Saturday as an exclusive to the Arcade on March 1st! Thats, right you will have a month to collect these bears because they will never be sold outside of the Arcade!


The bears have three poses that you can cycle through. You can wear them and touch them to go through the three different animations. My favorite is the hug one.. cause who doesn’t want a cute bear to hug!?!


Everything in this room except for me are some of the cool things that BoOger’s also makes. This bedroom set you can get at Collabor88 for the Supernova round and some of the toys I don’t think you can get anymore are from the last Arcade, but the toy box you can get at the BoOger’s main store.

BoOger’s is a super cool store for kids and kids at heart. I think these bears tell great stories and even make good gifts due to the fact that they will be transfer.


The types of bears to be won are: Violet Flower Bear, Dead bear, Elle Elerphant Bear, Geronimo Bear, GoZEEra Bear, Henry Munky Bear, Jim Mouse Bear, Pink Bunneh Bear, Puddin’ Bear Rare, Sophia Puggeh Bear, White Wabbit Bear, XO Bear Rare, Ya Bettah Werk Bear Rare and Yellow Flower Bear.


Can’t wait to go to the Arcade!