All Aboard the Cocoa Express from Lark!


I’ve always wanted a train set just like this in any life and well now I have it. Thank you Lark!

The large track fits perfectly under the new Laq Decor Christmas Tree – which is what I’m using and it’s just adorable! I was able to fit the small track under the Apple Fall Christmas tree at the Arcade.


I copied the specs from the flickr picture shown here:

Now @ The Liaison Collaborative.

Large Train: 5 LI
Large Track & Controller: 17 LI (Size: 3.29 x 3.29)
Total: 22 LI

Small Train: 5 LI
Small Train & Controller: 5 LI (Size: 2.05 x 2.05)
Total: 10 LI

Winter Landscape (*fits small train track only): 2 LI (Size: roughly 2.75 x 3.55 x 0.8)
*Both track sizes should fit most Christmas trees in SL.


I have a few various toys under tree as well from Boogers at the Arcade.


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