Day: December 11, 2013



I’m loving all the new things coming out lately. This cute little coat dress from the Secret Store is available at Collabor88 right now and these Ice Skates (Pegasus-Rare) also from the Secret Store that you can try to win at the Arcade along with this cute little snugly fox neck warmer from Birdy.


This hair is available from Wasabi Pills at the Golden Thread event, and you can check that out here:


Four Years


The picture above is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I went through my photo stream and gathered my favorite close up shots and put them all together.

On this day December 11th 2009 I made my very first blog post. I’m kind of surprised that I’ve kept something like this going for this long. I mean I’m sure that there will be a day when I will be like.. oh yeah remember when I used to blog Second Life stuff?

It all started because my friend Marleen Vaughan teleported me to a lucky board and liked what I was wearing. That day she asked me to join her Blog Coffeesmoke and that is where I made my start.

She encouraged me and gave me a chance to voice my Second Life and in the process it’s been quite a journey. I am thankful for her.

In another 9 days I will have been in Second Life for 7 years. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing or what will even happen to Second Life one day. I guess right at this moment I can’t imagine not logging in and seeing my love, my adopted kid, my family and my home.

It’s crazy how much a part of all that becomes a piece of your heart that you never even knew existed but can’t imagine being without.

I’m especially thankful for my friends, the designers that make all of this cool stuff, the places that I’ve worked in the past and the people that I work for now, the events (especially Collabor88 and the Arcade) I’d list all of you but I’m afraid that I’d leave someone out and that is not my intention.

But you’ve all been part my journey here too.

I’m also thankful for giving Plurk a chance. I started plurk on December 14th 2009 but didn’t really use it for a year later. I’ve met some pretty amazing people that I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to if I never gave it look.

I really think that Second Life through good and bad is a wonderful place where you can make connections with people that you would have never even known about without it. I know that there is heart break sometimes but that is the risk that you take with everything that you do that is worth something, and even though this may sound corny.. I’m glad I took that risk.