Cae’s Frost at The Main Event!


Hi there!

I wanted to show off this beautiful new necklace from Cae that is available only at The Main Event. As part of the Main Event, you can get the earrings of this set at Cae’s main store and the Necklace at the actual event.

The hair that I’m wearing is a generous group gift from Truth. If you want it too.. go to the Truth Mainstore, subscribe and then check history.

The Main Event is located here:

What is the Main Event?

Its to bring more customers to mainstores!!

Each stores products will be something that requires two parts. For example, if they build furniture, the table will be at the event, and the chairs will be found at their store. If they sell clothes, you can get the skirt at the event but a cute matching shirt at their mainstore! Its that simple!

Sure, at the location based event, other items will be sold that you can find in the store, but there will be NEW and never sold before items at The Main Event! These items will be not only new, but at a discounted price!


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